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    Iconwhl 2020- Pats New Year Thoughts

    Well I want to wish you all the best in 2020! That might be the last part of this that many of you will agree with. The common knowledge says that the Pats aren't contending so they should trade off any assets at the deadline. While they will not be buyers, my argument is going to be that they should stand pat with very little movement at the deadline supported by the following:
    a) At some point, you have to turn the corner and start a winning culture. If the Pats trade all their top talent, they will start next year at the exact same point as this year. They will have a bunch of guys that should be a year better, lacking veteran talent.....and without Max, a huge question mark in net. If they were trade all of the value guys (Max, Kolle, Pratt, etc), they will be in the exact same point next year. No contenting teams are trading us elite 18 year olds for those players so it will be mainly about young players (difficult to trade) and picks (takes time.)

    I am going to argue that if they keep most everyone, they could possibly take a run at a playoff spot (admit it is a long shot). If they could get some guys even one round of playoff experience, it helps down the road. Just like it helped the Pats when Steel was 16 years old. During our last run at the cup, the Pats had to make the playoffs a few times before they learned to win. If we just keep tearing things down at the deadline, we never take that next step.

    b) Next Years Roster plus Trade Candidates
    Defence- Mitchell (02), Walker (00), Sedov (01) Johnson (03) Evans (01) Mitchell (02) Feist (01), Zonneveld (01)...... If we end up giving up on this year, I would argue that we start next year with 3 or 4- 19 year old Man and 1- 20 year old. Winning teams have veteran defence corps which we should have next year......minus that none of them have playoff experience. I think they have to keep a guy like Walker for next year.

    D(trades)- Guys I am open to trading are Wytnick and Feist. Wytnick won't get much and is more valuable to us for this year so like Pouteau last year, he stays. Feist to me is our weak link, not going to get much on the market.

    Forwards- Daley, Krane, Denomie, Kolle (all 00), Smith, Chorney, Nijhoff, Massier (all 01) Dubinksy, Cikhart, Englot (all 02) Stanick (03).....
    Cikhart obviously has a 3 month audition for next year. Other than that, I would keep all of the 01-03 guys. I think they all have shown upside. Then if we look at 20s for next year, I am going to argue that Denomie is guaranteed to stay. Kolle could stay if they trade Max but I am going to argue to keep Max.

    F(trades) Daley and Krane won't bring much. That leaves him if you get value, otherwise keep him to give you options for next year. Perhaps you can still trade him in the summer. If you can get draft picks for Daley and it. I like Daley on the PK but he is never going to fill the net.

    Goalie- KEEP MAX. You need him to change culture this year. You need him to win next year. They have just started to turn the corner and Max is a huge reason why. If they trade him this year, we will be battling with MJ and Swift the rest of the year. I prefer to battle with Red Deer and maybe even the Wheaties.

    c) Changing the atmosphere at the rink comes with winning. Attracting the elusive stars like Gushchin and Smilanic takes winning some games. I dont think there is any way that Smilanic changes his mind, but Gushchin might. They have to start changing the winning culture in order to get draft picks to sign long term. We could very easily get a first overall pick this year. Wouldn't it be better to draft them into a team that wins over .500 the last half of the year. Not to mention the rink has been fairly dull this year. I dont miss too many games, but I know friends that have not been to the rink in two years.

    Stay the course, focus on winning some games this year.

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    It begins...

    Pats moved kolle to everett for a 2020 fourth, a 2021 fifth, and the rights to some 03 prospect named Ean Somoza.

    To me its safe to say the pats reached put to everett. Because the return seems a little too light for a two year top 6 forward. Rights to a prospect and two low picks. And we don't know if this kid we got is willing to report to the dub. Evidently, previous issues with players reporting hasnt really deterred paddock from these kind of moves.

    Until more info about the kid comes out, who knows? Did the pats do their homework? Did somoza even come to Everetts training canp?
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    I agree SAJ, the return does seem a bit light for Ty Kolle. I was hoping that the starting point would be a 2nd or 3rd round pick, not a 4th. In comparison, Everett sent the Pats a 2nd, 6th and Sloan Stanick last year for a 19 year old Robbie Holmes. Holmes was at 0.67 points per game last year when he was traded to Everett. Ty Kolle was at 0.66 points per game when he was traded to Everett today, so their production (at the time of the trades) was virtually identical. Of course, there are other variables (e.g. Kolle is smaller in stature and doesn't have the same playoff / Memorial Cup experience as Holmes), but it's also a year where two WHL teams will be playing in the Memorial Cup, so prices should not be weaker this year. If anything, they should be stronger.

    Ean Somoza is playing on the same team as Easton Armstrong (LA Jr. Kings U16 team). Both players are #1 and #2 in scoring on their team, with Samoza being #1. The Pats are probably confident about recruiting both Samoza and Armstrong as they are teammates, even though it didn't work out so well with Daniil Gushchin (being a former teammate of Nikita Sedov).

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    Jan 3 to 5 - Pats get 1 of a possible 6 points from teams we could beat in November & December. I saw the 2 home games and it looked like the Pats of October. They were brutal!! Players couldn't make simple 3 foot passes, The defense couldn't hold the point when the puck came back to them, the players refuse to enter the offensive zone in the middle of the ice - they would only chip it up on the boards or dump it into the corner. They had trouble entering the offensive zone on the pp. Most of their shots on goal came from the periphery. They lost more one on one battles than they won.

    The Pats go to the US this week - they always struggle down there. January is shaping up to be awful.

    The Pats traded Kolle for another US prospect - Ean Somoza a 13th round pick in 2018!. While Somoza is a team mate of existing Pats prospect Easton Armstrong. Given our record recruiting US players and the fact that Everett (a US team) wasn't able to recruit him doesn't bode well for the Pats. I mean why wouldn't 2 LA players want to come to Regina for the winter?

    This season is not living up to management's predictions of a playoff spot....

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    pats get a 2020 4th for tyson feist. Not bad, though itll likely be a low one.

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    The Pats now have three(3) 4th round picks. They have; their own, Seattles, and Kelowna's. Could help backfill some of their missing picks although they are still missing a very key 3rd round pick. They also may use one of those 4th round picks as a part of a bigger trade involving another of their current roster players.

    Feist is only 18 and can still play in the WHL for two more seasons after this one. A big tough right shooting d-man. I would suggest that the Rockets got a very good deal out of this trade. He is a tough kid who will stand up for his team mates. We have a shortage of that type of player and our D got smaller. I would have hoped that we might have got an additional pick in 2021-22. His plus/minus was right in the mix with guys like Walker, Wytinck etc so he wasn't anymore a defensive liability than our other d-men. I hope this doesn't affect his kid brother who we took in the 1st round last draft. It was widely publicized that they were looking forward to playing with each other.

    I expect something else to happen today...
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