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Thread: 2020 Off Season - How Long will it Last & Other Ramblings

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    The import draft is on Tuesday June 30th. The Pats will pick 12th (they have the 15th pick but there are 3 passes before they go). It looks like they are putting Danil Gushchin in the rear view mirror and moving on. I base this on the fact that Pats are not passing on their pick. Please do your homework and ensure the players that they are interested in will come to the Pats - then pick the best available defenceman or forward.

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    I've read in a couple places that gushchin may actually be picked tomorrow early in the import draft. Assuming he isnt too frail to play any even strength time at major junior, if hes drafted somewhere in the dub, and actually has the audacity to report, this will be like a Martin hanzal 10 hate-on.

    But enough about spoiled midgets. As far as our pick goes, is it safe to say paddock is going to draft a center with size? The roster has alot of wingers, the d core is going to be pretty cramped if we add feist to the mix, and our goaltending is already figured out.

    I'd be hesitant to draft out of Finland, with the amount of players bolting home, and perhaps countries with recent corona problems. I cant say i know much of who is on the import draft radar, but at this point, i may as well just wait the 10 hours or whatever. With the teams before us electing to pass, we draft at 12th overall. Its incredibly likely we can get a promising 2003 kid. And hopefully even more likely we have this next one report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some_Arrogant_Jerk View Post
    I, is it safe to say paddock is going to draft a center with size
    Couldn't have been more wrong I guess,

    Hope paddock is positive he has a desire to report. Svozil played in the Czech league last season and won rookie of the year.

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    Daniil Gushchin was selected 4th overall by the Niagara IceDogs and the Pats selected defenseman Stanislav Svozil (age 17). It will be interesting to see if either / both of these players sign and report to their respective teams. It'll also be interesting to see if there is any CHL season at all / how much of a season there is. Considering the CHL is a gate driven league, teams won't be able to survive, if fans are not able to attend games. Hopefully, by the the time the season starts, other major sports leagues will have fans in seats, which will set the precedent to allow the CHL to continue with their plans of playing a 2020-2021 season.

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    and of course, Gushchin signs in the OHL's Niagara Ice Dogs. This little midget wouldnt come here after a year and a half but doesnt hesitate for a second to sign with the 2nd worst team in the OHL during a pandemic.

    he clearly had some sort of problem with the organization or the league. or maybe the ohl really does hand out some 'extra incentives'. either way, i hope this prick gets knocked out.

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    Steven Ellis says this about Stanislav Svozil: "spent most of the year with Brno of the top Czech league and is expected to remain there for 2020-21. He's one of the top defensemen available for the 2021 draft high-offensive awareness, two-way defenseman with great speed and skill." I will be surprised if he reports to the Pats..... ho hum - did they do their homework and see if would come here first?

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    Well this upcoming weekend would have been training camp followed by blue & white game on Aug 31st - but that has been delayed until at least November. With Washington still running pretty hot Covid wise 45K active cases & Oregon at 20K active cases. It's hard to see teams being allowed to fill their rinks. It will be a different fan experience when it does return.

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    Well I see the Q has started their regular season. The OHLand the Dub are not scheduled to start until the beginning of December. It seems as though this may give the Q a bit of an advantage, as the 2 other leagues will have to have a much more compressed schedule; meaning teams will have to sit injured players that may have had 4-5 day breaks in their schedules to mend their injuries.

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