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Thread: 2019 Off Season Thread

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    Default 2019 Off Season Thread

    Ok Boys and Ladies. Lets start talking about next year. I will start it off with my thoughts on the players who we have and might have going forward.


    Luka Burzan- Without out our doubt he should be our best player next season. He will need to be a 100 point player if we want to find success. I think he can be that star everyone thought he was going to be

    Connor Gutenberg-I am going to say his season was a disappointment. I expected more numbers from him. He has all the tools to be a great junior player. Maybe he can put it together in his 20 year old season.

    Cole Reinhardt- Another guy we were hoping who would take a step forward but he keeps taking baby steps instead. Again I think with a little more intensity to his game he could go to another level.

    Ben McCartney- I like McCartney. He has a lot of skill and he could find himself drafted this year. I think he found some Chemistry with Grieg and I think they could put up some numbers next year. Looking for big things from him. I think he could score 40 next year.

    Ridly Grieg - I have to admit to being wrong about Grieg. I wasn't in love with the pick when they made it. But he has changed my mind this season. He is the future going forward. He could play himself into being a 1st round pick next year. If he can improve on his season and keep pushing the way he does I predict a big year for him.

    Caiden Daley- Everyone's favorite, and really I don't know if the hate he gets is because he is black or something but Daley while he will never live up to his draft status is a pretty hard working kid. They need to utilize him for what he is and play him as a bottom 6 checking forward and he will be just fine. 30 points and some solid defensive play from him and I will be happy

    Baron Thompson- I don't know what to say about him. Disappointing? That sums up his career I think. Is he going to back? No idea. He does add that element that we lack if he decides to play that away and that is a big IF. I would rather they find a better 20 IMO.

    Lynden McCallum - The anti Daley. I mean I guess cause he is white and from Brandon everyone will forgive all his faults. He just didn't impress me as much as I would have liked and he really needs to get better at the defensive side of the game if he wants to stick around or he will be Junior A fodder

    Marcus Sekundiak - Speaking of Junior A fodder we come to Sekundiak. He just isn't cut out for the WHL. They need to part ways with him

    Johnny Hooker
    - Another guy heading into the Junior A fodder territory. I think he gets another year to prove he can do something other then "work hard"

    Ty Thorpe - I think with an elevated role next season Ty could be a very solid WHLer. He will never be a star but he will be useful in a lot of roles

    The Challengers

    Nolan Ritchie If he can overcome his size and utilize his skill in this league he will be a star. If not he will be a star in the MJHL for someone. I do have high hopes for him.

    Jake Chiasson He is going to be a star in this league. I can envision in a year that him and Grieg will be as good a 1/2 punch up the middle as any team. He is everything we need. A big skilled center who can play the game any way we need him too.

    Bode Hagan- I think the Wheaties are high on this kid. I have seen play for OHA this year a few times and I can see why. A very smart quick player with nice hands who loves to pass first. It will be interesting to see if he can transition to the WHL or not

    Brett Hyland - A guy with all the tools you need to be very good in this league. I think he may have a slower transition to the league but he is already 6 foot or so and 170 so his size will not be an issue. Lots of skill too.


    Zach Wyntick- Love him or hate him he will be here next season and he will have a prominent role. He will score, it is just a matter of how committed he will be to defense

    Braden Schnieder - It is his draft year and he is highly rated. Point wise I think he will step it up as well getting more PP time and playing a ton of minutes. Could be a real good year for him

    Chad Nychuk- Pleasantly surprised by his emergence as the year went along. I think he turns into a solid Junior capable of playing in both ends of the ice

    Vincent Iorio- playing in this league as a 16 year old Defenseman isn't easy. I think Iorio did fairly well and I think big things are ahead for him. If he can be quicker and make decisions faster next year he has a good shot at being drafted

    Neithan Salame
    - I think he is going to be a solid bottom type of Junior D man. Very safe type of player. Type of guy that will end up paired with a younger player

    Johnny Lambos - I think I expected more out of Johnny this year. I am not sure he has what it takes to be a good WHLer. He seems like Junior A fodder to me.

    The Challengers

    Jacob Hoffrogge- While I have never seen him play I have heard good things about him. A lot will depend physically for him, can he handle that part of moving to the WHL. If he decides to sign though I am sure he will get a long look

    Jack Zayat - I think they expect Jack to fully make the team next year. If he wants to be a good WHLer he will have to assert himself more at this level. I would almost describe him as a too safe player.

    Logan Hammett
    - Another guy that is signed and if he comes in with the right attitude will stick around. Never seen him play but a friend who watches alot of the Sask midget league described him as a solid two way player with very good size.


    Ethan Kruger- Can he take it to the next level and be a full time starter in this league? We shall find out

    Connor Ungar - My personal opinion is I think they like Ungar better then they like Kruger. I think the goaltender position will be wide open for whoever wants it the most

    The Challengers

    I am not sure who this would be. They must have a couple of guys on there protected list

    The Off season plan

    WHL Bantam draft

    What I would like to see. Keep all the 1st round picks. Draft Connor Geekie,A dman, and the top ranked goalie.
    Trade a 3rd round pick to PA for Zach Hayes

    CHL Import draft

    Draft 2 euros that are going to grow with this group. Get a 17 year old forward and 17 year old D man with some promise and make sure they report

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    Great read Joe . I will just add that if PA trades Hayes to the Wheaties I would probably throw my shoe at Hunt. I don't know if the Raiders can keep him or not next year but he is just to good to give to a rival. Send him to Victoria if nothing else.

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    F Rieger Lorenz (2004) from Calgary commits to University of Denver for 2022-23.

    Another highly-touted bantam player who will now slide down the order in the upcoming draft.

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    Great post Joe.I agree on your assessment on almost every player except Daley. He is not what the team needs. We are too soft and need more grit---like McCartney and even Greig in the lineup. Daley falls down when someone as much as looks at him. Very limited skill. Junior A player like Sekundiak, McCallum, etc. Hayes would be a super pick up. Plays nasty --we need that element. Agree--draft Geekie, but not sure he's there at number 6. A goalie would be a good idea as well with one of the top 4 picks we have. Also agree, draft two imports that are 17 and let them develop. But, draft ones that will report. Overall there will be a bigger turnover on this team than some may think, because the players you mentioned that are Junior A caliber should not be on the team.

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    Cool it Joe with the racial crap . I agree with your assessment of the Dmen I think your bang on . I totally disagree about Daley . Everybody makes him out to be so good defensively. I just don’t see it. If he’s not scoring it’s time to move on . the last half of the year I thought his effort at times was lacking gliding for line changes . I had high hopes for him when he played some games at 15 but even with the ice time Anning gave him I didn’t see improvement. I don’t care if he’s black white or pink he is who he is . I Sekundiak in my opinion with the right coach could be a good bottom six guy I know I’m in the minority on that thought . Gutenberg I thought was a disappointed as well thought he was just alright . Time to move on from McCallum to many young guys that are just better then him . Totally agree about the imports as well l

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    Did joe just call us all racist for criticizing the way a black kid plays hockey? Wow, really Joe? I was a big Ryan Reaves fan when he was with the wheatkings and if I can remember correctly , heís black isnít he? Caiden Daley just flat out hasnít been a likeable player from a fans stand-point. He shows some hustle and works hard but there are so many flaws in his game for such a highly touted bantam draft pick. Heís too light, gets out-muscled in every battle... just not a style that is likeable for fans. Now Iím not saying racist people donít exist and there could even be a few that go to games, who knows... but Iím pretty sure the posters in this forum donít give a sh*t about what colour he is.
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    Thanks Dan. Totally agree there is zero racism here in our evaluation of Daley. Joe may have pulled a Bob Nicholson of the Oilers here. Oops!

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    Hey It is Manitoba after all so who knows?

    It was a joke lighten up boys

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    This does not sound like a piece that involves a certain Head Coach leaving:

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    No it doesn't but what do you expect him to say? I don't care about next year I am going to be fired this summer anyway. As far as I know his contract is up this year and the fact he does not have another yet should be a sign I hope. I pray that he isn't anyway.

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