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    Default 2020 off season

    Let’s try that this. Import draft just happened and we got

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    Heard the import D man they drafted is serious about coming over to play for Brandon. They must have known he was gonna come or else they probably would have drafted a second import.

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    Yes I agree it makes sense. The USA need to get their crap in order so the US teams can play and not be a state wide freeze on any gatherings more than 25

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    Here’s a thought....

    NCAA football program is canceled. Soon the NCAA hockey program will follow suit the way things are going. And I assume so will USHL. If that’s the case what players who’s rights are owned by WHL/CHL will want to come play north rather than sit out an entire year?

    VladislavFirstov vs Yaroslav Busygin if both want to come north who would you want? Or better yet Anthony Kehrer?

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    Wheatkings sign Yaroslav

    Glad that is out of the way

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