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    Not sure when it will start for the Wheat Kings but I did notice the roster is set

    Added Hyland,Dube,Roersma,Zimmer and Danielson up front
    Hoffrogge and Hammett on the back end
    Sekundiak,Perepeluk, and McCallum are the 20s

    No Euros listed yet
    No Reinhardt yet but he was still with Bellville in the AHL

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    Not sure which is more important winning or player development as the team has 8 rookies

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    Is this site back up for good now?

    How about them Wheaties

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    Looks like we’re back on the air. WK are looking very good in the East Hub. Very impressed with the young guys. You can see Lowry’ s influence as every player on the team has a defined role. Kruger is playing better than I thought he would. Good combination of development and winning. Hyland and Danielson are going to be very good. Bedard is the next McDavid by all appearances.

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