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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Unlike the NHL with TSN/ESPN/SN there is no forecasting or actually rumors out there. Unless one is in the know with scouts etc. Better known as the trade deadline show for 8 hours.
    I don't know of any other sites that has actually rumors as opposed to our forum of apparent trade rumours. The WHL.CA site has a blog with only two on it. The 4 respective teams have announced their trade via Twitter.

    So.... no I'm waiting for twitter updates myself which are all after the fact obviously.

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    Here is trade #3 for the day. This might push Brandon to do something now. Big deal for the Blades.

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    That trade made no sense until I read this:

    “Pillar, who is from Warman, Sask., is currently at home recovering from a private medical situation. The Kamloops Blazers, in conjunction with the Saskatoon Blades and Pillar’s family, agree that the best place for his recovery is in his hometown.“

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    Looks like Pillar is at home in Sask with a mild medical condition. The trade back from SAS are conditional. Obviously if he returns to play other wised the trade is nullified one assumes.

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    Looks like BDN is staying pat. Kind of surprised that they’re okay with heading into the playoffs with all those young defensemen. Definitely thought they would add veteran.

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    Yes, very surprised as the Greig era ends this year and the team did not try to improve knowing this is his last hurrah. Guess they thought no sense wasting assets when we have to go through WPG and Edm.

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    Not over yet. Still another hour or so till the snow all settles. Still think the Wheaties will do something. Won't be a big snowball, but it will add some depth to help with the playoff fight.

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    Well the deadline is over so if they did make a trade we should hear about it right away

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    Will be anxious to hear Gasper’s explanation for the inactivity. Must be the slowest trade deadline in league history. Covid influenced I assume.
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    Seems like an obvious mistake not to go one way or the other here. If you’re not gonna sell greig then you could atleast try and improve the team by adding a defensemen at the very least. It’s hard to understand what gasper is thinking a lot of the time. Some strange decisions early on as a GM

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