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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Lost 3-1 in MJ tonight. Got outshot badly indicating getting outplayed badly. This game was played far too soon after their short training camp. Not sure we can conclude much from this game.missing 8 players but so did MJ miss some of their top players.

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    I also see Jake Chiasson is out of rookie camp with upper body injury. Seems he hit the ice while doing 3 on 3 drill. Left the ice holding his shoulder. Lets hope he recovers quickly.

    Any word on Polshakov?

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    Doesn't he have to quarrantine for 2 weeks?

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    If he is fully vaccinated I don’t think he needs to self quarantine. Although not sure as he is from Europe.WK are really short of players right now with 9 players at pro camps and an injury to Harris and the import still waiting for his visa. 3 newly signed players were sent down as well. Makes practice rather difficult.

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