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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Any word on possible prospects for the draft Thursday. Can’t seem to find any websites that list possible draft choices. Dry quiet—Why?

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    How about Hoffroge and the 12th pick to Calgary for the 4th overall pick maybe throw a 5th to get ahead of Swift and Regina to get Temple . Probably need to give more

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    If they had to give up Hoffroge and number 12 and another prospect then go for it.

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    Temple would be a good addition. but it would take a bit more to move up that far.
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    Bit of a disappointing end to the season for sure but its not all doom and gloom. I think everyone forgets that our year was actually the covid shortened year before. I think that team with a chance to make some deals would have been a contender for sure.

    Anyways on to next year which I think will be a transition year like this one. A team that is likely good enough for the playoffs but not good enough to go far. The team they need to focus in on is the 2023/24 group. Where you have Danielson likely in his last year year hopefully surrounded by a real solid group of players. Hopefully Mantei and Elick can step up on the backend and I think we got a potential NHL goalie in Bjarnson.

    US draft was today and they drafted some son's of WHLers with Jake Stuart and Carson Craig. Its interesting that I don't think anyone from this draft in 2020 is in the WHL. It just seems like a gimmick to alloy the teams to draft some of the top end American kids and hope they just are not cut out for college life.

    You guys think Temple will go that high? I have seen a few top 10s and he seems to appear as high as 8 on some but not on others so maybe we get him. I am not up to date on this year draft as I used to be. Anyone seen Jaxon Jacobson play? I hear he could be very high in next years draft. I thought Graham Jones from Rink might be the first Manitoban taken

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    Roersma(18) Ritchie(20) Danielson(18)

    Ginnell(20) Polshakov(19) Chiasson(19)

    Zimmer(18) Hyland(19) McQueen(16)

    Thornton(18) Johnson(17) Chaloner(17)

    Extras: Bennett, Hadland, Trembecky

    Hammett(19) Ward(20)

    Busygin(19) Mantei(17)

    Harris(18) Elick(16)

    Extras: Turner, Mannix

    Bjarnason - Jones

    I see a team that could be good depending on how some players do/improve. Looking for Zimmer to step up. Hyland and Polshakov should be better as 19’s.. Roersma could score 30. No idea about Thornton. Would be big to have busygin report
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    Doubtful Busygin reports but other than that your list looks very good. Looking for big improvement from the 17’s next year. Hope goaltending comes through.

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