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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by booboo View Post
    Can’t see how the WK can pass on drafting Clarke Caswell the local kid who is tearing up the AAA U 18 league in Manitoba. The kid is now 5ft 10 and wants to play in the WHL. If Gavin is available at no.3 surely take and take Caswell as well. Two fantastic prospects. If Gavin is gone then pick the best d-man at that spot and Caswell. No matter which combo you take you can’t lose.
    Time will tell. Doing well in Manitoba but if someone is available that is considered higher end in the West than take the best at the time. Manitoba didn't do that well at the WHL cup a month plus ago. Manitoba has produced some good players no doubt. But is this years class considered weaker? He's no Geekie type player. Guess we will have to trust those that make the big decisions.

    He might best suited for our 3rd pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molsonsman View Post
    He might best suited for our 3rd pick.
    Likely gone way before our third pick. DraftGeek had him ranked as 14th best player this summer and I believe currently ranked as 11th. Not sure if he has gone through a growth spurt and how accurate the figures online are, but I saw him listed as 5'6 a few months ago, but now see reports he is 5'10

    Will be interesting to see where Clarke goes on draft day. I would love to see the WKs draft him, but not sure whether his rise in rankings and his growth spurt will make him the best available player option at 4th overall. No question that it should result in a player that wants to play with the WKs though.

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    Yes getting kids who want to play here and sign right away is certainly a priority when drafting 3 and 4. Be interesting to know how the brain trust is leaning. It ‘s the team’s time to hit a home run with the 3 first round picks.

    Yikes! It’s pouring in Brandon. The WK are up 7-2 after 2 periods against SC. Not sure when the last time the team got 7 goals. The boys are flying tonight against a SC team that has been a lot better lately. May be some physicality in the third period.
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    Now that we’re clearly a powerhouse again, who we picking up at the deadline? Hunt? Guhle?

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    I sure like the way the boys showed some nuts tonight. A little excitement in the game instead of the no hitting figure skating we see many nights. This should bring the team together which can only help. Owen Harris is a tough kid. I sure like the effort and skill of Polshakov. He’s a keeper. Kallionkelli also looked a lot better today. Have to feel sorry for Danielson. Seems to be snake bit. He could have scored 4 or 5 goals himself with all the chances he created. Team played Avery good game tonight. The only negative is the 9 penalties they took. Against a better team they would get smoked taking that many penalties. Team is trending in the right direction .

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    Every teams have their hiccups in a game. But I can’t say there was a glaring hole. Our D are playing more consistent and are playing with confidence. Ward’s game has picked his game up. Mantei would have benefited from this game. But being in Ottawa is where he should be. Greig is starting to play like he should. With wanting to be heavily favoured for WJC. He’s earning his spot now.

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    Please Gasper get rid of Nychuck. Totally useless as a 20 yr old. Can the team brass not see that???zero hockey sense

    Wow! Greig is hotter than a Death Valley picnic. 11 points in the last 3 games.Hello Team Canada.
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