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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    What’s going on with the wheatkings? What happened to ward? What happened to kallionkieli? Where’s polshakov? Why aren’t they telling us anything? What a weird organization.

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    Does not sound like a great effort tonight. Looks like this team needs some nuts. Could see it being a tough game tomorrow afternoon with the bizarre scheduling in the WHL. 3 games in less than 3 days. This early in the year. Yikes! Injuries are an issue but so is effort in some of the games. Kruger injured. Now we have a 16 yr old as the starting goalie. The season is sure not starting the way I thought it would. I really thought this team would challenge for the East Division and I know it’s early but the outlook does not look great. Could be interesting if we start really slow.
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    It was a rather disappointing game I must say. These one pass break out attempts are made 1 out of 4 attempts. The passing lanes are taken away rather easily so why make the attempt? Hofrogge hurt his lip and all of a sudden stopped moving. Better off leaving the ice. I saw lack of heart with that as the apparent injury was far from his legs. The two OA D men looked like 2nd year players. Wow. You think they would be fighting to stay.

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    I’m guessing that depending on the extent of Kruger’s injury the team could get an extension on their decision on the OA situation. To be brutally honest other than Kruger I don’t care for any of the OA players we have. One is a band-aid forward while the other two d-men are average at best. We could do better you would think. It is a long season but we need to see some steady improvement in the team. They have really been blown out in 3 games and beat a team that is at the same level as they are. I know I am probably too critical of the team given it’s injuries and hence young lineup but at present I do not see a very good team.

    Great effort in Regina today winning 4-2 with a depleted lineup and 3 games in 3 nights. I’m glad this team is trying to prove me wrong in that they do have some nuts. Should help the young guys spirit.
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    Bjarnson looks like the real deal

    I will with hold judgement on this team till we get a few more guys back but some of the younger guys are looking better already

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    Well said Joe. My sentiments exactly. Cannot judge the team until we get a full lineup and after the OA situation is settled.

    Any word on the injury to Kruger. Rumour I heard was broken leg. Maybe just a rumour.
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    Any word on which way the tea goes on the OA situation. The deadline is Thursday so something needs to happen soon. I wonder if a trade of one of the OA dmen plus another asset might net us a Perpeluk kind of player. He played a huge role on last year’s team.

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    The paper has Kruger as day to day. So it isn't a break. I do agree, however, they need toughness. It happened twice and absolutely nothing was done. Not too many Perpeluk's out there as the league/hockey is going away from fighting or any sort of aggression. which allows for this type of stuff to occur and players get injured.

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    See ya Salame

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    And who said we need to keep Salame?

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