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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    If I've done my math right and assuming Seattle and Tri-Cities each are able to play their last 3 games on the schedule, both of these teams need to get 2 points out of their remaining 3 games to stay ahead of Moose Jaw in the standings. They play each other tonight so at least one of them have to accomplish this - lets hope for an overtime game tonight and then whichever team loses hopefully can get the additional point(s) needed in one of their last two games so that both of them finish ahead of Moose Jaw.

    The only way Victoria doesn't finish last is if they were to win all their remaining three games.

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    Victoria avoided the last place finish last night with a win but they still need to defeat Vancouver and Kelowna which realistically should not happen. Then we pick first other than the uncertainty of the correct ping pong ball coming out of the draft lottery. I guess the chances of McCartney coming back as an OA are fading as he got a goal and an assist in his first game in the AHL with Arizona’s farm team in Tucson. Barring a trade that would leave us Kruger,Nychuck, and Salame as OA next year. Not too bad as we will need the help on defence as 3 19’s are gone. Looks like we will pick 1,4, and 19 i

    Victoria loses last night so that means they finish last giving us the best chance to get the number one pick.
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    Wheaties traded Unger for 2002 D man Mason Ward. Ward is a big boy 6'5 220

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    Good to see some size on defence with Ward, Iorio, Busygin, Harris, and Turner. Does not hurt to be hard to play against.

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    It would appear Lambos will be the odd man out this coming season.

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    And Theissen also.

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    Was talking to some people inside the Winnipeg Ice org and they are being told that next season will go back to normal. Once all provinces have reached 70 percent vaccinations which they have been told will be by August. They were also told that Canada will likely start vaccinating 12+ this summer as well.

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    Default i would like to see this guy come over this coming year

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    We will see tomorrow where the WK will pick in December’s prospect draft. At worst they get 2 picks in the top 5 at best they get pick number one and another pick in the top 5. The WHL must have spent a lot of energy dreaming up their system for this draft. Not sure I agree with it because the team with the poorest record (Victoria) does not have any better chance than the other last place teams in theother divisions of drafting first over all. So the fifth worst team has the same chances as the worst team. Does not seem fair to me.Not sure which rocket scientist at the league offices dreamt this up.
    Update: the league used this system for the draft because of an unbalanced schedule and uneven number of games played. Somehow that makes sense I guess??
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    We pick 3 and 4 and 22

    Berkly Catton is the consensus 1st overall pick. A guy I heard will be up there is Roger McQueen from Saskatoon. Some top Manitobans will be Brandon native Clarke Caswell and Jonas Woo who should be mid to late 1st round picks. The interesting thing is the draft isn't till this december so they will be able to see who has grown and who can handle playing Midget. Its actually less a crap shoot this year and we should end up with 2 really high end players again

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