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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    The WK got a little unlucky in the draft as the Vic or MJ ball had a better chance of coming up than Spokane’s. But those bingo ball drafts go that way even though it is certainly not fair to those 5 last place teams who did not get the top pick. We also got unlucky in that we ended up last out of the 4 division winners. I would hope that the team would be targeting a top d-man and a forward with possibly a goalie with their 22nd pick. Caswell does sound like a good prospect but is quite small. You are correct in that drafting in Dec should really help the scouting and commitment of the top bantams who will be in midget in the fall we hope.

    Just read somewhere where Catton is headed to Shattuck st Mary’s in the fall. Does this mean the NCAA route? Would sure get a commitment before I would draft him. The Dec draft should help sort out the college commits and Jr commits.
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    I'm not sure i would use our third first round pick on a goalie, unless he is going to be lights out and come in at 16 yrs old. I like the numbers Carter Capton has in the past two (full) seasons. Him and Jones should be a good pairing. Capton is big while Jones is smaller.

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    Maybe we trade the third pick for a goal scorer? A good 18 or 19 year old. I think the defence with Busygin coming will be OK because I believe 2 of our OAers will be Nychuck and Salame.

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    Yeah that would make things interesting. With the draft happening in Dec 3 weeks prior to Trade Deadline I can see that as a good trade piece. I'm not sure where draft prospects will be at that 22nd pick in the 1st round. Time will tell for sure.

    I anticipate Lambos being traded however, we seem to be LD top heavy if BUSYGIN comes over. Nychuck, Salame, Busygin, Hammett and Mantei as LD with Iorio, Ward, Lambos and Hoffrogge as RD. As well as Owen Harris LD. Then there is also Jack Zayat (LD) who i think has played his last game as a WK.

    I actually forgot about Zach Turner. Big LD. Put up 9 points in 8 games with the SW Cougars.

    Plenty of options on Defense
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    Yes, a lot of options on defence. Not too sure what the team will do here. The team usually plays their #1 pick like Mantei, but because he played very little this year I think he will need a full year of U18 also known as Midget just like Hammett and Hoffroge did. Lambos and Thiessen will be gone leaving Iorio, Hammett, Hoffroge,Ward, Busygin probably Nychuck, and Salame and likely Harris and Turner to Jr A. I guess. There could be some trades here for scoring help up front.

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    If both McCartney and Nychuk are back then we likely have 2 of the better overagers. I am not quite sure we need scoring next season at least not early on. My guess is they see how Danielson,Zimmer,Roesrma and Hyland look before they do anything. Greig,Chiasson, and Ritchie will be pretty damm good. If anything I would like some Jam up front. I guess a lot will depend on how guys like Dube and Ginnell are.

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    McCartney coming back is wishful thinking as he has signed his entry Level deal and auditioned well for Arizona’s farm team in Tucson. Highly unlikely he comes back. OA would be Kruger,Nychuck, and likely Salame unless he is traded for some jam up front. eg Perpeluk kind of player. I am sure the team is considering finding that type of player. Not sure what the team will pick in the import draft as they will pick only one player as Busygin should be here this year. It is also possible the team entertains offers for the 22nd pick in the import draft.

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    Yeah Im not sure McCartney is back next year. Even if hes not, this team should still be good. Id also like to see us move one of those 1st round picks for a scoring forward

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    Likely picking a forward with our one import pick. One thing about having the prospects draft in December is that if there is a glaring need on next year’s team leading up to the draft one of the first rounders could be used to fill need. Too bad that the west division will not play in the east this year but that means more of Bedard, and Guenther, and Sillinger who are top talents in the East and Central. Kind of surprised that the team is only playing 3 preseason games with only one at home.Makes roster decisions tougher.

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    From Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong: “We are very pleased to sign Ben to an entry-level contract,” said Armstrong. “Ben had a great junior career and played well for the Roadrunners last season. We look forward to watching him continue to develop next year in Tucson.” His ELC no longer has a slide option otherwise the possibility would have been there.

    Moving on... I agree the 3rd 1st round pick could be moved in December. I wouldn't give up our 3rd or 4th pick. We are going to look pretty decent. Kruger is solid in net with Jones backing him. Good tantum there. Our D will be top 4 strong in Iorio, Nychuk, Ward, Salame/Lambos. If Busygin comes in to give us more grit, young Mantei will get his shot. then of Course Hammett and Hoffrogge.

    Up front Geig, Ritchie, Chiasson, Hyland Danielson and Zimmer will be nice to watch. Yes a forward Import, Dube (hurt this past year) will also help. See if/what they bring in for a trade as we will be up one OA on Defence

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