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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    oops yeah good catch. You may see them give Owen Weighs, Jessiah Bennet, Zach Turner a shot too. They also have 16 yr old American draft picks in Zach Nehring and Ty Henricks at least at camp. Henricks, the better of the two who I think was a hail mary pick. I'm thinking he will go USHL.

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    The American kids coming to play in Brandon is probably a pipe dream but I guess you have to try. Not sure if the team will have many or any 16ís on the roster as not many of them played much last season so development will be slowed. I am waiting for the shoe to drop on another 20 yr old defenceman although the team may wait until training camp to decide. A lot of the fans I have been talking to are getting excited to see the team play in person after their success in the bubble last year. This team is trending in the right direction and looks to be very competitive for years to come.

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    Lambos dealt to Everett. Looks like we start the season with Nychuk,Salame and Kruger as overagers

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHallenback View Post
    Lambos dealt to Everett. Looks like we start the season with Nychuk,Salame and Kruger as overagers
    You think gasper will swap selame for a 20 year old scoring forward? We seem pretty deep on the backend and a little thin up front, unless Danielson/zimmer/roersma/hyland can produce more.

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    Danielson and Hyland will produce, the other two may take a little longer but will be OK.I think with the prospects draft in December this year Gasper will see what the team shows early in the season before any major deals. Now, major injuries could derail this plan. Remember that we could quite easily dangle pick #22 in the draft as a trade chip if necessary. The OA situation has been cleared up early with the two I suspected being moved bringing very little back in return. Salame,Nychuck and Kruger will be ok as OA. Yes, scoring may be a concern but we need to give some of the forwards time to prove they can contribute.

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    Yeah no surprise as to who the final OA were going to be. Once they picked up Ward, Lambos future was virtually written in stone. Polshakov is signed and now i guess we are basically waiting on confirmation Busygin is coming over. Having had the taste of the MHL will he want to come over? Might be in his best interest to play on NA size rinks and see where he is at for the NHL draft. Which I guess if he doesn't conform to the size can also hurt him.

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    I guess I did not know Busygin had signed a contract at home so it’s unlikely he comes North America. This puts a different spin on the defence position but will give Harris, Turner, and Mantei a better chance of winning a spot on defence.

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    I believe it was called a Loan to MHL team he played with. So i'm unsure if he will still commit to BWK as he did last years signing. Gasper didn't pick in the second round with the feeling he was coming over. So lets hope he does

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    Busygin is coming to Brandon

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    You know that for certain? How? Greg Drinnan in his blog says that Busygin is staying at home this year. He is well connected to the WHL so I have to think he knows of what he speaks. If so this would be a bit if a blow for the WK as this guy is fairly highly rated.
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