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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Busygin has already signed the agreement. And Perry Bergson confirmed it today as well that he’s for sure coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denim_dan View Post
    Busygin has already signed the agreement. And Perry Bergson confirmed it today as well that he’s for sure coming.
    Great news. Thank you.

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    Good to hear Iorio and Chiasson were drafted. It's unfortunate but not surprising Ritchie wasn't drafted. He wasn't really given the best show case of his talents due to his injury in his first year. He has all winter to improve upon that and show what he can do. If anything maybe he will get an invite to a NHL camp to give him some confidence and ideas in what to work on. I believe that helped Reinhardt being invited by the Avs

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    I wonder what brought on this trade for Ty Thorpe. In reading what Gasper had to say and our return it appears Thorpe wanted out. This leaves the door open for another youngling. Weihs, Bennett or Johnson?

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    He likely wanted to play in the top 2 lines and get PP time which isn't going to happen so they moved on from him. He was centering the 4th line last year and was ok. He works hard and forechecks hard but he couldn't seem to get his offense going. They have Grieg,Ritchie and the new import likely on the top 3 lines. Danielson,Chaisson and likely Zimmer on the right side of the top 3. I just don't see a spot for him besides centering the 4th line

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    That makes sense. I didn't have him on the top 3 lines either and when i tried to slide him in there it didn't make sense and i didn't like what the line brought

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    They have younger players with more upside than Thorpe so trading him makes a lot of sense. Any word on possible walkons this year?

    Anyone want to predict what our roster will look like this year? What rookies have a good chance of cracking the roster?
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    Kallionkelli is coming back to Jr as a two spotter. Wonder what happens to Nychuck or Salame as one will need to go. Kruger and kallionkelli are for certain. Busygin is not coming so there should be some fierce competition on defence this year.

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    Boy a good problem to have for sure. I had initially thought of trading Kallionkieli but that doesn't make sense whatsoever. I like to think Kalli will be here the entire year and not be called up. That could be a kick in the pants especially if we trade one of our OA Defense. Which we will have to do. How does this team compete this year will determine who they trade. If they are competing then trade Salame. If not (i think we will) then Nychuk will bring a higher return. Maybe they trade for a 19 yr old LD. We do have Hammett with 24 games under his belt and Mantei coming in fresh.

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    On the goaltending side of things..

    I saw Jones when he attended rookie camp in 2019. I liked him then and think he's a keeper. But i'm lookign forward to seeing Carter Capton. His numbers are great from the small size of his last season. His huge, which helps his numbers. But will be interesting to see him on the ice.

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