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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    Lost 3-1 in MJ tonight. Got outshot badly indicating getting outplayed badly. This game was played far too soon after their short training camp. Not sure we can conclude much from this game.missing 8 players but so did MJ miss some of their top players.

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    I also see Jake Chiasson is out of rookie camp with upper body injury. Seems he hit the ice while doing 3 on 3 drill. Left the ice holding his shoulder. Lets hope he recovers quickly.

    Any word on Polshakov?

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    Doesn't he have to quarrantine for 2 weeks?

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    If he is fully vaccinated I don’t think he needs to self quarantine. Although not sure as he is from Europe.WK are really short of players right now with 9 players at pro camps and an injury to Harris and the import still waiting for his visa. 3 newly signed players were sent down as well. Makes practice rather difficult.

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    Went to exhibition game tonight and it looks to me like we need some help which we will get when all our players get back from pro camps. We were under siege for large portions of the game as the shots on goal showed. The final score flattered the team. My observations. Goaltending looks good other than one bad short side goal Jones gave up. Defence needs help. Need to be far more physical to begin with and need to work on positional play. I thought Hammet was the best of the defence. Turner and Mantei show a lot of promise but seem a bit over their heads now.Was not overly impressed with the two vets—Salame or Nychuck. One is likely the odd man out as the 4th OA. Looks like a coin toss to me. The best forwards were Ritchie,Danielson, and Ginnell ( who looks like a way different player this year. Big and fast. Could have a great year).Johnson who was physical and Trembecky are going to be good but may need more seasoning. Impressed with Bennett. Works hard and played very physical. Not sure why the team does not play more exhibition games to give their young guys more “reps”.
    All in all some real good potential. The team will look different once the 7 vets come back although Chaisson got hurt at Edmonton’s camp.
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    I actually thought Hofrogge was better than Hammett. I like his skating and passes were decent. Turner was the weakest of the back end. Mantei will be good no doubt. He looked lost at times. I think the speed and size has him on edge. I'm not worried he will do well this year.

    I liked the Ginnel, Danielson and Zimmer line. They worked pretty well together. The biggest surprise up front was Roersma. He's picked his game up from rookie camp two years ago. Which it should have obviously. I like his speed and seems to keep digging. He just needs to have results. Ginnell as Boo mention has grown. I was surprised when i heard he was called to St. Louis Camp. His first year here from the trade I thought for sure he would be discarded. His confidence shows no doubt. He should have a good year i agree.

    Is it me or does Ritchie look like he barely tries out there. It looks almost effortless. But he is always in the play and in the right spot. He is a smart player and will be one of our top guys. This year he should do well enough to hopefully be signed somewhere. I enjoy watching him.

    Trembecky and Johnson will be fun to watch in the next year. They need to bulk up. I like their play and will both be a thorn in other teams side.

    Considering we had the younger team. I thought we did well.

    I think the only 16 yr olds we keep are Mantei and Bjarnason. The rest (Chaloner, Johnson and Trembecky) will be sent down. Now that's if Kallionkieli and Polshakov make it to Brandon.

    As for the OA. I think Salame will be the odd man out.

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    Thanks for the updates guys

    Sounds like Colton Dach is on the block wonder if the Wheaties will look at him

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    Traded a 2nd round pick for Ben Thornton from Spokane. Big guy at 6 ft 2 and only 17. My guess is Moulton knew about this guy because he drafted him in the first round of the bantam draft.Why is Colton Dach on the trade block? Would be a great pick up. I think we will see a bigger team in Brandon this year.

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    Dach on the block? Are the blade reloading? What would you give for Dach? Thornton? lol A first round pick too i'm sure.

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