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Thread: 2020-2021 Season

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    Game Day 2020-2021 Season

    Well the 2020-2021 eastern division season is a week away. It seems strange to be starting the season in March when it is usually winding down.

    Some open spots remain:
    As predicted Stanislav Svozil is not on the roster - this leaves us with 2 Euro spots open as Nikita Sedov isn't in camp. Will JP pull any moves prior to the trade deadline? - which comes up pretty quick.

    I can't wait to see Conner hit the ice.

    I see Phil Andrews is back for another year in the booth. I was wondering who they would get. I always enjoyed his play by play.

    BTW I think they should add a mask emoji...
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    In last night's overtime win over Brandon - they should have given 1 of the 3 stars of the game to the Regina goal posts......

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    Hello everyone. It's good to see this site up again and hopefully we will hear from a lot of the old regulars. The comments were all very interesting.
    The Pats this season (if you can call it that) are Bedard and....well....Bedard. He is as advertised. However after him the talent pool sure drops off. There really isn't anyone close to his level. The good thing is he makes everyone better. The Pats will need a bigger influx of talent so as not to waste Bedard's time here. Let's hope that happens somehow.

    My biggest wish right now is that we can be back in the Brandt when next season opens up


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    Good to see someone else here besides me and the crickets. You can see the kid has talent every time he is on the ice. With Bedard gone now, we will see if there is any hope for next year. It is kinda funny that Bedard getting exceptional status this year - it seems that there are a lot of 15 y/o's playing good minutes this year. The covid thing and no midget hockey has meant that they are all eligible. The dub looks to be in good hands.

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    It's great to see this site back up and running and it's nice to see some kind of season, although it's a shame that fans can't watch from the stands. Hopefully the league can start a normal season in the fall with fans in the stands.

    I wasn't sure what to expect from Connor Bedard. I was hoping that he would get on the score sheet, but I had no idea that he would lead the league in points as a 15 year old. He has certainly lived up to the "exceptional" status. And what sets him apart is that he literally creates his own scoring chances for the most part. Either by stealing the puck and getting a break away or by taking the puck and skating into the slot with it etc.. He is not tapping every second goal in at the corner of the net. If the Pats are going to make a run in the Bedard era, they have a very small window of opportunity (two more years) as he should be in the NHL at age 18. Of course, a lot of things would need to go right. First, the league would have to actually have playoffs and secondly, the Pats would have to somehow find enough high end talent / depth in order for them to be a Championship caliber team. Some of their current good players will not be with the team in two years.

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    Yes I think this pretty much describes the Pats current situation. They have Bedard and little else. That's not putting down the players at all. It's an indictment of the current braintrust and what they've done to ready this team for the addition of Bedard. This team without Bedard appears to be pretty much what it's been for the past few years. On most nights Bedard can make them somewhat competitive. You need a couple more talented guys who can keep the pressure on another team. They have little to trade and I'm guessing they haven't got much up their sleeves either. If nothing really changes talent wise, I wouldn't be surprised if he finished his WHL career elsewhere. It's hard to build a winner when you don't have Brooks, Wagner, Burroughs, and Steel already in your stable.

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    So I was watching the Pats and Blades this evening. In between periods they played the top 10 goals of the week in the Dub. i couldn't help but notice Ross was the goalie being scored upon in 3 of the 10 goals. Doesn't he want to be featured in 3 of the 10 saves of the week? I still do not understand how he was drafted and Paddock wasn't even given a NHL camp invite. Maybe after this covid thing is done he will get a tryout.
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