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Thread: 2021 Off Season

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    Default Interesting Interview in LP today

    Today, the LP has an Interview with JP (Curious it is Vanstone and not Harder doing the interview). A lot of the questions we have been asking this summer are answered as much as JP will disclose or knows to this point in time.

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    Went to the Moose Jaw game Saturday September 24 at the Agridome, along with 1700+ other fans. It felt good to be back in the rink!

    The Pats did not come out prepared for the Warriors. The Warriors came out with an aggressive fore check, which the Pats were not prepared for. They had problems making short passes because of the pressure. It seemed like there were very few shots from the slot with the Warriors collapsing down in front of their goalie. Only the 2 Pat's goals came from inside the slot. I don't see how they beat the Warriors the night before. As for the lines, Struch had Stringer, Beddard, and Vallis as a line - which did not see much ice time in my opinion. The only line that was consistently good was Stanick (1 G 1 A), Smith (3rd Star) (1 G 1 A) and Brook (1 A). The rest of the team didn't look ready for the regular season.

    The puck was not bouncing at all for the Pats – the second Moose Jaw goal bounced in off one of the Pats. Welke played the whole game – he seemed to have trouble holding onto his stick and provided some juicy rebounds. At times he reminded me of another Pats goalie from our past (and current Pats California scout) - Tommy Tartaglione. Who as I recall was prone to flopping around and getting caught out of position.
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