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Thread: 2021 Regular Season

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    Default Luca Auer

    I see this year's first import draft pick. Luca Auer is going to play for Salzburg in the ICEHL next season according to Elite Prospects - Way to pick em John, that means neither euro will be playing for the Pats in 22-23! You are consistent! (The other player is committed to the NCAA). Why do you even bother drafting euros? - Just stay home and pass on our picks!!!

    Luca is currently playing for Austria at the world juniors.

    Last year we drafted Joakim Kemell in the first round, he is signed to play for Jyp in Liiga and Alexander Suzdalev in the second round, who does not appear to have decided where to play next season.

    Joakim is playing for Finland at the world juniors.

    Stanislav Svozil appears destined to the Cleveland Monsters of the AHL next season. He is playing for Czechia at the world Juniors.

    That leaves us with 1 import maybe.......
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    Thanks for the update. Very interesting but not at all surprising since this appears to be a typical thing. It's very distressing that our Standard Operating Procedure usually includes our drafted players not reporting. I'm sure there are plethora of reasons but the net result seems to always be the same. Then they rave on about Pats draftees who never have and never will play here, as they display excellence somewhere else. So droll...

    Training camp will soon be on us and I for one will be glad to see this years edition of the Pats. There has been very little out of the Pats regarding the team. The only news seems to be about some ex-Pats players signing a free agency contract or extensions. Hardly noteworthy or interesting. Perhaps there is a reason there is so little new from the club's PR department.

    It will be interesting to see how much some of these kids have come along. Like most years some will progress a great deal, while others will regress and fall behind. It often boils down to how much did the kid put into his game during the off season, and who really wants it. With our best players being only 17, it's hard to imagine how they can compete with better constructed teams. You can always have hope and some degree of optimism! Then reality sets in........

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