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Thread: 2021 Regular Season

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    Regina Pats re-hire entire hockey-operations staff
    from today's LP. The Bus is locked in reverse
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    I've been thinking and chewing on a lot of stuff in the past month I guess, so I'll hash over a few thoughts and opinions;

    I see JP was not given an extension as either HC or GM. That's a good start but a year too late when it comes to the mechanics of rebuilding. Without getting into all the many specifics I am not at all happy with JP's body of work, leadership or vision when it come to the Pats. Even Stevie Wonder can see the Pats are now floundering under his tutelage but he "can't be blamed" for that whatsoever at this point. Ownership is evidently happy with his work so they didn't make a move "OR" they are wired into a big contract number and didn't want to pay it out. I believe they are still paying out the remainder of Struch's contract this year as well. Perhaps they didn't want to pay out both contracts in one year. I would shudder to think even as ineffective and inexperienced as they appear, ownership can't see the need to a new direction and this year would have been the right time to do something. Give a new GM a chance to straighten out this mess. It only strengthens my belief that it's money at the root of this. If it's sheer incompetence in running a CHL team, we're in real deep excrement. The extension of the assistant coaches really won't be a problem for a new GM. These guys are not too highly paid and buyouts won't be too expensive. The other three signings would have happened anyway.

    Currently our 19's are Stringer, Linklater, Armstrong, McNutt, Berge, Sim, and Svozil..?. That is a group that hardly raises an eyebrow in hockey circles. Stringer has yet to prove he can be a 1st round talent in this league and Svozil may or may not want to return here. The rest are meh..Our best players are young and the Pats are seemingly going to add a bunch of young guys like Barnett, the Vaughan twins, DeWitt, Hermann, Zacharias, and perhaps others. Adding those young players to a team whose best players are 16-18 years does not bode well. In order to get decent 19's we would have to give up talented young players. That's a counter-productive thing to do now, and how we got into this mess in the first place. Plus it takes spots away from the young guys they are keen to develop. It's hard to imagine in ones most optimistic daydreams, a scenario that would make this years team a playoff contender.

    Edmonton did shockingly poorly at the Memorial Cup. I didn't think Cossa was worthy of all the hype surrounding him. He let in at least one 'softie" per game and was big contributor to their ouster. This leads me to next years Memorial Cup in Kamloops. With the WHL having an extremely poor record in the last 10-15 years there will be a big push to have a top calibre team in the 2023 Memorial Cup and one capable of winning it. A player like Bedard would go a very long way towards accomplishing that. I know what the Pats are saying but I have to believe for the right sack of riches, he would be available. Outside of the marketing aspect Bedard has brought, his three years here will have brought us nothing much hockey wise. He could (and most believe he should) be traded for a bunch of assets that could turn this franchise around. Kamloops as the host will want to win it all, and having someone like Bedard would go a long way to that end. Among the list of assets available, they hold our 1st round Bantam pick next year. Depending where we finish this season that could be as high as the #1 pick overall. Common sense dictates that we should move him in light of the team we have, however common sense has often been in short supply around here. Failing to parlay him into a bunch of high end assets would be nothing short of gross negligence. A generational player needs to draw a like return.

    It's too bad that we haven't had any news regarding Wood joining this team. We all know Huck is a lost cause. It's really tough to lose two 2nd rounders two years in a row. I tend to think the Wood ship has sailed. He will be taken next year in the NHL 1st round regardless of where he plays. Perhaps the only way to secure some big assets for him would be to see if he has any interest playing for the Victoria Royals. If so perhaps a trade could be worked out for significant assets.

    I see the cross-conference play has resumed. The USA is coming here and the we evidently will be heading out to BC. I'm glad to see this because the diet of similar teams all the time got pretty boring.

    The Import draft should be coming along soon. This is a good way to strengthen your team if you get a good one AND if you're able to recruit him and get him here.

    It won't be long until training camp and four exhibition games. It does go fast.
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    The Import draft should be coming along soon. This is a good way to strengthen your team if you get a good one AND if you're able to recruit him and get him here.
    Import draft is Friday July 1, 2022 - No Russian or Belarussians will be allowed to be drafted this year. This means we will have a smaller pool of players to pick from - but given the Pats tendency to fail to do any background checks - our picks will be wasted upon players who won't report this fall. Regina has 25th and 85th picks.
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    Default 2022 Import Draft Picks

    Today your Pats selected in the CHL 2022 Import Draft:

    1) Luca Auer with their first round pick. Luca hails from Austria, is a LW and is 18 years old. He is eligible for this year's NHL draft. Last season he had 8 G 16 A in 26 games. He played on Austria's U18 World Junior team. I can't find anything about him coming to the CHL next season.

    2) Michael Hrabal with their second round pick. He is 17 years old and a goalie. Last season he had a 2.14 GAA in 24 Games. However the Pats took out their firearm and pointed it at their foot once again and discharged it - their feet look like Swiss cheese! - Michael is committed to the U Mass in the NCAA for 25/26.

    When will these idiots learn to stop picking players that have no intention of reporting here?
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    I really don't know what to think.............
    I suspect management will say they have talked to their scouts and the agents, but have to wait and see...
    Even with Bedard, they to date haven't been able got Wood here...none of the top Imports or Americans have ever played a minute for the Pats, at least voluntarily.
    It does seem that this is some of the same scenario playing out that we've all seen before. It's now SOP for the Pats. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent!!
    Perhaps one day we will be surprised and somebody good will actually show up. I may not live long enough to see it, but it could happen I guess...

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    Putting on my fortune teller gear. I see Conner Bedard wearing a Blazer Jersey next January.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsquared View Post
    Putting on my fortune teller gear. I see Conner Bedard wearing a Blazer Jersey next January.....
    I never thought Id say this, in this cesspool of negativity we post in, but this might be overly optimistic in a hockey operations context.

    Its more complicated than it seems, and not so cut-and-dry. I mean I hope you are right because Id love to see the type of wacky trade package come back that you would see at deadline's eve in the OHL and the Q; where a team trades seven 2nd rounds, twenty 3rd round picks and a bunch of prospects back for 1/2 a year of Brad Marchand...but most indications early on seem to be the brass wants to keep Bedard for the whole year. The motivation, aside from being greedy and selling more tickets in the short term, is to maintain exclusive branding attached to a player who is a probable perennial NHL All-Star. If he ends up being Mcdavid tier, or even just Stamkos tier, he will only be known as a "former Regina Pat" along with his NHL teams. Theyll exclusively cash in from the clout from his success(not just merchandising), and it will add the air of prestige and perhaps aid in recruiting in the long term. How much clout did Edmonton/LA and even STL/NYR get from being the only teams to have Wayne Gretzky? It makes marketing sense, even if it completely wastes Bedard's unparalleled trade value and our franchise building. I honestly cant completely guarantee more pragmatic franchises would not do the same in the exact same position, and the writer Alan Caldwell seems sympathetic to Regina keeping Bedard, too. I also think this decision probably goes over Paddock's head: ownership will have the final say, and what happens may be telling for their future plans with this team. This could be the best player to ever come in through the entire franchise's history, and there are implications beyond trade value to be considered.

    I would personally prefer seeing him traded right now at this very moment. I want to see a formidable team for once, and I think this team has already built up enough credibility being the oldest team in junior hockey, sending the most players to world juniors out of anybody, hosting the centennial memorial cup, etc, but I suspect non-hockey franchise-building thinking, business decisions and yes, greed will reign over them at the end of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsquared View Post
    Putting on my fortune teller gear. I see Conner Bedard wearing a Blazer Jersey next January.....
    I have no idea if Bedard will or will not be moved. I suspect neither do the Pats for sure at this juncture regardless of the position they're trying to put forth. If he were to be moved Kamloops would be the only team assured of being in the Memorial Cup if that matters. Also Kamloops holds our 1st round pick which could easily be a top 3 pick. If we falter this year with all the young guys they're talking about adding, that's a distinct possibility. Wouldn't that be special, potentially giving up a top pick for a #20 pick?

    There are a lot of other elements at play here. One being ownership's need for some type of ego/validation in keeping him, another may be promises made to the family, yet another will definitely be the fact the WHL hasn't won a Memorial Cup going on nine years. Ron Robison will no doubt have his say. Being in the West I'm almost dead certain he wants a Cup win!! WHL bragging rights will always trump the Regina Pats bragging rights. I doubt there will be much in the way of money merchandising Bedard items here, especially when this is his last season here. I can't see that his past presence here will have much to do with future recruiting i.e. Matthew Wood isn't here yet even though his buddy is. The Erie Otters (McDavid) and Barrie Colts (Ekblad) haven't shown that those guys playing for them has translated into any benefit for the teams lately. I suspect the biggest issue here is the ownership wants bragging rights because the last five years have been brutal. Last four season only one player drafted (Evans). Bedard if you will is the only really bright spot we've had. It's unfortunate and depending on how you look at it; he could be the difference between crawling out of this mess or enduring another 4-5 years of the same at a minimum.

    John Tavares (Exceptional player status) played three seasons for Oshawa and was then traded to London. Both teams benefitted. Tavares has gone on to be an elite player, six time all-star, approaching 900 points, etc etc. I'm betting Bedard would take that all day long. In Tavares' case the Knights got a piece for their run. Oshawa got a bunch of picks that contributed in no small part, to them winning a Memorial Cup a number of years down the road. They have been quoted as saying the trade was instrumental for them. I truly believe the Pats have to put the team and fans before their egos. Trading him will indeed bring a huge bounty make no mistake. He can be the difference and take a team over the finish line at the Memorial Cup. He deserves the opportunity to be seen on the National stage. We the fans of the Pats deserve much better and moving him will take us closer to relevance again.

    There are fans who don't want to see him moved. There are writers and scribes who are not invested giving their 2 cents worth. Both I guess fair enough! There may even be some who are satisfied with the team being mediocre/poor for a decade at a time. But for ma, a fan who's being paying the freight since the mid 70's I don't like what we've become and I'd like to see something better before they plant me!!

    Should we trade him for the betterment of the team - YES. Will he be moved - 50/50!

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    My goodness there sure were some surprises at the NHL Draft. There were no surprises regarding the Pats. It was what was expected.

    I was surprised that the Swift Current Broncos did so well. 5 players selected in the draft including a 1st rounder (Pickering a 9th round Bantam pick). Kudos to their scouting staff and Dean Brockman who oversaw all of that draft. Those guys were in the same boat as us winning the league and going to the Memorial Cup in 2018. They started rebuilding and have done a masterful job. They're poised to be a powerhouse again very soon.

    I noted that Firkus and Minten who were 4th round Bantam picks were taken in the 2nd NHL round. Both taking the right trajectory. There were 12 NHL Draftees taken out of our league who were drafted in the 4th round or later. Additionally 2 were listed players.

    Our players taken between the 1st and 3rd rounds of that Bantam Draft were: Fiest, Huck, Rowan, Kieper, and Whitehead. It was terribly unfortunate that neither any of them nor anyone else were drafted. While I know that you can't be right all the time, you also can't be wrong all the time. Even our two Imports went undrafted. I truly feel that our scouting staff especially those in senior scouting positions, have to pick up their game. I'm having a hard time with going through five NHL drafts and failing to have but one player drafted.

    The thing is if the players you have are not attracting any NHL teams, even in later rounds, it speaks to what your talent and what your team is likely to be. You need good players to have a good team. I mean after all look at SC and then look at us. It's almost like were going in different directions.

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    It would be a win for everyone if the Pats traded Connor Bedard before the trade deadline. The Pats would get a large haul to help with their rebuild, Bedard would possibly get to compete for both a WHL Championship and a Memorial Cup Championship. Fans would get to see him compete in big games. It would also be good for the WHL as well, especially if Bedard's team were to win the Memorial Cup. There aren't any or very many good reasons to not move Bedard, especially if the Pats are out of the playoff picture. A player like Bedard belongs in the WHL Final and in the Memorial Cup. If Bedard went his entire WHL career without playing a single playoff game, it would be a shame and an embarrassment for the Regina Pats and the WHL. The Pats aren't likely to make the playoffs this year, so they need to move him.

    Connor Bedard is projected to be a #1 overall NHL draft pick next year. He has the elite, top tier talent to go that high and I think he'll do very well in all of the interviews as well. If he doesn't go first overall, he'll be in the top 5 for sure and any team that drafts him will be lucky to select him. He has the potential to be a franchise player. He scored 51 goals and 100 points as a 16 year old last year. What could he do with two elite 19 year old wingers on his line in his 17 year old season? I think he could give Steel (131) and Brooks (130) a run for their single season point total records.

    Joakim Kemell was selected 17th overall in the 2022 NHL draft.
    Daniil Gushchin was selected 76th overall in the 2020 NHL draft.

    Neither import player signed with or reported to the Pats. If one of them signs and reports, the Pats probably would have made the playoffs last year. Especially if Matthew Wood was on the team. He's another good player, who has snubbed the Pats. He's another good player, who the Pats wasted a high draft pick on.

    The Pats seem to enjoy wasting draft picks on good players, who refuse to sign and report with the Pats. This comes at an opportunity cost of drafting and bringing in good players, who will sign and report with the Pats. I believe that the current strategy that the Pats use is harming the team instead of helping it. There are too many high draft picks being used on really good players, who refuse to play in Regina. If the Pats used those draft picks on good players, who would sign and report with the Pats, at least the Pats would have good players on the ice instead of wasting high draft picks on players, who play good for other teams, instead of the Pats! There's more examples. These are just the most recent ones.

    Looking at the 2022-2023 season, it would be great if they made the playoffs, but I think that the Pats might take a step backwards this upcoming season based on the current projected roster. If you factor in all of the young players that will likely be added to the team, the fact that we don't know if Svozil will return or not and the possibility of Bedard being traded, the Pats could possibly earn less points than last season (59). A 17 year old Tanner Howe and 18 year old Layton Feist would have a difficult time carrying this team to the playoffs by themselves. There's also the part where I don't think any of the young defensemen (e.g. Feist) will replicate Ryker Evans' offensive production. I think it will also be difficult for one of the young players (other than Bedard) to a) score 25 goals and b) to replicate the face off win percentage that Nijhoff had. Sure, the Pats added an OA goaltender (Koen MacInnes), but the Pats will probably give up a lot of grade A scoring chances, especially if they take a lot of penalties, like they have been doing, year after year. This will not make it easy on any of the goaltenders, including MacInnes.

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