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    Well it's here the start of the regular season. I am excited to see hockey in person. I am expecting delays on Saturday afternoon with new ticket system, masks, Covid documentation and picture ID required for entrance.

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    I guess it's time to see if there is anyone out there with thoughts on this year's edition of the Pats. I've watched all the games and my initial take is somewhat underwhelming.
    - I feel the young goaltender Kieper is playing quite well. He lets the odd one leak through but he doesn't usually give up too many. Gives his team a chance.
    - the defence is in my mind is good and overall a pretty decent d-corps. Even beyond Evans and Stovsil, they are pretty solid.
    - the forwards can best be described as Bedard and little else. Most of the remaining cast is pretty much of the journeyman variety, and not anywhere close to elite talent. My initial thoughts about the Stringer trade is that he is not close to Desnomie in talent and woefully not worth a first round pick (which could be a high one). Not a great skater with little moxie. I hope we see better out of him.
    - coaching and management. Well nothing has really changed yet. It makes me very frustrated and questioning of prospect evaluation and background. Samual Huck was taken Two drafts ago with our highest pick (2nd round) and a year later we chose Matthew Wood (2nd round) Both quite talented and Wood being a high end 6'3" center who had played with Bedard. Wood being a high end center, probably the most sought after position. They are both playing Junior A with Wood already committed to NCAA and Huck is no doubt looking for a scholarship as well (as has been rumoured). Wood and Huck should both be on our roster right now. If not them, then two other 2nd round forwards who would come to play here. Not having those to 2nd rounders in your lineup devastates your depth and skill level.

    IMO if the Pats want to make the playoffs this year they had better find some talent up front. It also hurt that our Import forward didn't want come....again!

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    Winnipeg is an absolute unit; I cant fault them for losing like they did. I'd say that game shook their confidence a little bit, as they are still likely on par/better than Brandon and MJ. We will see how strong the coaching is in reeling these kids back in and getting them back with the program. The season will see some growing pains with the previous shortened season/the long break, stunted growth with a lack of post season action, and the general uncertainty with the world ending n all.

    Though it is still the Bedard show for the most part on offence, which isn't fair since he is being compared to friggin Mcdavid right now, I think we should still be able to see a few kids develop or even break out. The forward group being finalized with Stanick trade might help things. The defence has skill and mobility, but it is leaky. Right now Id say thats our weakness.

    Worth noting that Kieper might be the best goalie we have had in awhile. At his trajectory, we may only have him for the three years.

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