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5-1 Pats after two,periods. Ballmuller only goal for the WK.Kid looks like a shooter.
WK lose 3-2 to PA at home. Season over no playoffs. Not used to missing the playoffs. This yearís team just did not have enough good players to compete on a daily basis. The future does look better but I am not gettting real excited until some obvious deficiencies in the lineup are addressed. Teamís drafting needs to improve as there have been some real misses the past 4 years. The import situation needs to be improved as well. What really needs to happen is Danielson needs some support in the lineup. All their players need to improve for next year as it looks like no real high end guys in the lineup other than Danielson. Even Bjarnsonís play since Xmas has not been as good as before. Long story short this team lacks talent and that explains why we missed the playoffs. Compared to Saskatoon,MJ, WPG,and even Regina we donít stack up talent wise.