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Thread: 2022 -= 2023 Season (Camp-pre-season-regular season)

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    PATS LOSE 4-2

    Just got finished watching this game and that's a couple hours I won't get back.

    You knew they couldn't ride this bromance bubble with Bedard forever, and tonight it ended. Lack of effort, depth, and discipline.

    The Pats are not a deep team and Paddock did nothing to improve it at the deadline. So when I listened to him on the post-game, I was both incensed and at the same time worried that there may be something clinically wrong. His biggest excuse for the loss was that two of his top six forwards (Stringer and Ginnell) went down with injuries. How would/could any lucid coach in this league refer to Stringer and Ginnell as top six forwards? Of all the ridiculous things I've heard from him, this was maybe the most bizarre thing I've ever heard him say, and there has been some odd-ball stuff. If your team refers to these guys as top six when they would be utility forwards on any other team, you're in deep feces!!

    Stringer went down in the 1st with an unknown issue but not from a hit. Ginnell came off the ice in the 2nd with some unknown injury. That shouldn't cause us to be outshot 15-3 in the 2nd.

    If Bedard isn't scoring or dominating, nobody else can. Valis and Howe were MIA while Bedard was gone, and they have looked as if they still are. Howe looks bad.

    We all know the Pats have little to no depth, and if Paddock thinks differently he's clearly delusional. Calling those two guys top six players is proof!

    They will need to be much better tomorrow night. Maybe put Oremba with Bedard and Valis if they're short staffed. Oremba needs something to get him going.

    PATS WIN 5-2

    What a difference a night makes. It didn't even resemble the team from last night. Everyone was skating, tracking back, and sim was excellent. Desperately needed win the Pats needed to have. Good win - good crowd.
    The really strange part was that they did it without Stringer and Ginnell. It looks like they never missed a beat without them. Too bad they didn't last night or they could have won both games.
    This will be a dogfight the rest of the way. Four teams looking for two spots.
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    Congrats on Matteo Michels finally getting that 1st goal monkey off his back. First one might generally be the toughest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some_Arrogant_Jerk View Post
    Congrats on Matteo Michels finally getting that 1st goal monkey off his back. First one might generally be the toughest.
    I concur! It was good to see the kid finally score. I must admit I've not felt good about him being on the team. Paddock even said he was talked to at the trade deadline regarding if he wanted to be here. He hadn't scored in a year and a half and I'm sure I couldn't be the only one questioning his being here. He can skate and appears to have some smarts. Maybe this is the thing that turns him around. It would be nice if the Pats can find some extra scoring.

    The thing I liked most about the game was their commitment to defence. They all tracked back and picked up trailers, helped the D-fence and goalie out. If you play good defence then good things usually follow offensively.

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