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Thread: 2022 -= 2023 Season (Camp-pre-season-regular season)

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    NEWS: The Regina Pats have reassigned 2005 born goaltender Kelton Pyne to the Melville Millionaires of the SJHL." - Regina Pats
    The Pats play their final pre-season game tomorrow night in Winnipeg, so the goaltending situation should be sorted out soon.

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    Geez I didn't know that there was such a disparity in ticket prices around Saskatchewan. I know they got rid of "Seniors and Students" rates, apparently because they don't matter to them.

    Some of the smaller centers have greater challenges than Regina that's for sure. However to be twice the price of Saskatoon is at first read very surprising and concerning. But the more you think of it, the pricing structure should feel offensive to Regina fans. There certainly hasn't been anything of a hockey perspective to warrant paying twice as much as Saskatoon.

    I remember being in the Pats business office awhile back. It's a large building with a ton of there, with staff running in circles. It looks as if there are managers for everything, and managers in charge of managers. It's clear to me they're too top heavy. I'm betting that this Fiefdom of ownership's making, it has created sort of hierarchy of non-hockey people needing paycheques every two weeks. Probably contributes to the high tick prices. The new scoreboard is nice and was needed for sure, but it's not up the fans to pay for it.

    It would be interesting to know the rationale behind these costs..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reider View Post
    The Pats play their final pre-season game tomorrow night in Winnipeg, so the goaltending situation should be sorted out soon.
    A bit surprising for sure! When they needed someone last year he stepped up and proved he belonged in the WHL. Now to be sent down has to be a smash in the mouth to him especially in his draft year. Typical JP style; he doesn't know when he has a good young player in his midst. It would be best for him if he were traded to a team that appreciates him. Maybe send him to PA so can play with Stanick!!

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    Regina Pats = twice the price, half the wins of any other Saskatchewan team!
    1938-39 Regina Pats scoring leader

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    The Pats have 7 players out with injuries and Svozil and Suzdalev might not be back from NHL / AHL camps for the home opener. The Pats might be missing as many as 8 or 9 players to start the season. Has this ever happened before? They're a team that missed the playoffs last season, so they need everyone healthy and in the line up, in order to have a chance this season. I think the main concern is that they'll get off to a bad start, due to missing so many players, and they won't be able to recover from it. Could we see some trades happening soon?

    Zack Stringer out indefinitely.
    Jakob Brook out indefinitely.
    Carter Herman out week-to-week.
    Tanner Howe out week-to-week.
    Logan Linklater out week-to-week.
    Adam McNutt out day-to-day.
    Braxton Whitehead out week-to-week.
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    I saw the injury report and give the Pats an ataboy. Last week i said that I wished the Pats would be more transparent in their injury reporting/status in this forum. Maybe they are following along.
    1938-39 Regina Pats scoring leader

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    It's good to see the site back up and running. There are some storylines to be touched upon methinks.

    The Pats are off to decent start at 6-6-0-1 so say .500 but there are some hidden subtleties in that record. They really haven't beaten a team that was over .500 when they played them They have fattened their record somewhat playing SC-PA-SC all back to back and eking out a few wins. It's purely speculative to wonder where they might have been record wise if they had been playing better teams during that three game cycle. Since that they have played somewhat better teams, and they have lost all three. And now to make matters more difficult for them is that is they have two USA teams in this weekend and I would think are hoping for a split. Everett is very good and TC has been playing better lately. They have Sc-Edm-Sc after that and previously all those games have been one goal games with one in OT. However it's quite difficult after that with 2 against Winnipeg, 1 with Red Deer and 1 with Saskatoon. Then they embark on their BC swing where every team except Victoria in that division is playing well. They have a mixed bag schedule after the road trip which leads into the World Juniors Camp where two or three guys will be gone for various lengths of time. All in all things are still tenuous at best.

    If making the playoffs was the concern/goal I think getting Prokop would have made more sense that another 17 year old. It wouldn't have required getting Brown however he isn't a bad addition but again rather small not unlike Fiest. The price paid for Oremba was very steep considering he is not at the level of the other top 17's in the league. Certainly he had to be an acquisition for the future because you don't build playoff teams with 17's.

    The OA's are Bateman, Brown and Dubinsky. I was hoping for more out of Dubinsky as far as an OA is concerned. The other two are OK but not top drawer.

    Recently Bedard has found it very tough sledding and it will continue on the road swing. His ppg is almost identical to last season and I was hoping to see a bit more. I'm sure if asked he would say so as well. He appears very frustrated with the blanket thrown on him every game, especially on the road. He really needs a big experienced forward who could carry some of the workload on that #1 line. Someone rugged but with decent hands to win some wall battles and make some passes out to him, and who can also finish for him. Overall the Pats need some more bigger guys not unlike Red Deer.

    We got a 5th round pick for McNutt which equates to getting a 5th round pick for Stanick. No GM in the CHL would ever trade Stanick for McNutt or a 5th round pick...but we did. The trade upset me at the time and now it only seems worse.

    Vallis and Armstrong have been nice surprises. Trading a draft pick for the Koen MacInnis experiment is a head shaker when you give him two games to show his worth. I think JP ended up back where he wanted to be with Sim/Keiper.

    Sim has been a horse and his play exceptional. I firmly believe that to date, he has been the Pats best player!

    I sense that somehow JP will make some type of jaw dropper trade yet. I'm afraid to speculate how that might even play out. They didn't renew his contract or he didn't want to. Either way it does appear he's in his last season. Given that fact, he might do just about anything before he walks into the sunset.

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    There have been some developments, since this website went down. The Pats moved on from OA goaltender Koen MacInnes and acquired defenseman Tanner Brown. Adam McNutt (D) got traded to Swift Current for a 5th round draft pick. They also acquired forward Sam Oremba.

    The Pats got off to a good start to the season, but much like last season, they're having a difficult time with the better teams in the league. They could use a couple of high end / bigger forwards. Their forward group is a bit small and lacking in toughness and high end skill. The entire team needs to give full efforts and play with more urgency, but Bedard, Howe, and Dubinsky especially need to play their best, game in and game out if the Pats want to give themselves the best chance of winning hockey games.

    As mentioned, the Pats could use some veteran help, but the problem is that they have a lot of resources tied up in players, who are not currently making a big difference. The Stanick trade was a write off. The Pats used a 1st round pick on Stringer and he's been out with an injury. The Pats used a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on Oremba and he hasn't been very productive yet. And They used a 6th and 7th on MacInnes, which made that an expensive try out. The Pats could have invested in quality veteran players, but instead, they did what they did. Are they going to go even deeper in the hole now and go out and spend more resources on quality veteran talent?

    Tanner Brown has been decent. He's not the biggest player on the ice, but it seems like he plays fundamental hockey.

    So far the Pats have gotten good goaltending. Hopefully that continues.

    Drew Sim - 7GP, 2.70 GAA, .906 Sav%, 1 SO
    Matthew Kieper 4GP, 2.71 GAA, .915 Sav%

    One difference this year, is that the Pats' power play has gone down hill. It's currently 16th best in the league (16%). Last year it was the 4th best power play in the league (26.1%). Their power play needs to improve. What changed? It's still early in the season, but the only thing I can think of that changed is that the Pats lost Ryker Evans in the off season. On the other hand, the Pats' penalty kill has improved a bit. They had the worst PK in the league last year (71.9%). This year they're currently 12th in the league at (80%). Their team discipline has shown a light improvement this year (12.5 PIM/GM) vs (12.9 PIM/GM) last year.

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    I am really pleased to see the forum is back up.

    Like others before me I have some thoughts:

    Ticket Prices: I was pleased to see the topic made local media (CTV). I am sure the adverse publicity will have no effect on the Semples. Remember they were part of the group that came up with the atrocious Memorial Cup pricing in 2018. The next year in Halifax packages were were $200-$300 less with comments from that organizing committee to the effect that they had learned from our mistakes. I experienced some schadenfreude when I heard the makeup game on Oct 28 was sparsely attended. I realize that the game was rescheduled - but for a Moose Jaw game - come on? I can't imagine anyone who wasn't able to make the rescheduled game being too happy with management and useless tickets. What can you expect from an organization that hikes prices by a couple hundred dollars as a "nominal amount" It seems like their corporate mission statement is Greed! I have been telling people it is cheaper to drive to Moose Jaw and watch the Pats there if you have at least 4 people going.

    Trades: I think that when the other GMs hear that JP is on the line wanting to discuss a trade they must chuckle and say to them selves "how much can I take him for?" Stanick for McNutt was one of his worst trades and has already been talked about. How about MacInnes for draft picks that we will never see because we cut him? Paddock for Brook - granted there were injury issues but how many games did he play for us? On the topic of injuries - Stringer for draft picks was another winner. Then he overpays for Oremba by coughing up our 1st in 24 and 2nd in 23. Sure he was a scoring machine in bantam but his production since playing in the dub is hardly worthy of that price! I haven't seen enough of Brown to decide if we received fair value.

    Competitiveness The Pats seem unable to beat anybody with a better record - this is problematic if they want to play more than their usual first round and be done.
    1938-39 Regina Pats scoring leader

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    The Pats traded Cole Dubinsky to Prince George for a 3rd round draft pick in 2023 and 17 year old Zackary Shantz (5'10 145lbs). Dubinsky was off to a bit of a slow start this year and wasn't playing up to his capabilities (in my opinion), whereas the Pats needed him to take a bit of a step forward and play an even bigger role this year. I believe Cole himself wanted to be a 30 goal scorer this year. The Pats are clearly opening up a spot for a) Jakob Brook, who's currently injured or b) They're going to acquire another OA, who can hopefully be an upgrade over Dubinsky. My guess is that they are going to acquire another OA as Brook is still out week to week as per the last injury report, plus he hasn't yet been a very productive player in the league.

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