OK....Time to carry on with the topic, not keep talking about who's team is better/worse than the other.

No....the Cougars didn't win all the games going into the playoffs, but they did win enough through the season to have enough points to make the playoffs in spite of the losing streaks they encountered. This was done by committee. An entire team effort. Despite having a depleted defensive core, key injuries to offensive players, and some guys just not having the will to play every night. The stars on the team shone bright for a good part of the season, and played hard all season, and simply had not enough experience to know what was happening in the first round. Plain and simple....they ran out of gas when they needed it the most.

Did they give Vancouver a challenge? For the most part I say they did. Did they have what it would have taken to beat the Giants? Realisticly no, but I think for the first game or two there was hope. All but game 3 were closely played by two teams that matched well together. It was entertaining to watch, and sometimes frusterating. It was a good series, and it went the way it was expected to go.