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Thread: NHL signings

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    It is Jeremy Williams not Justin!!!


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    My point was simply that it could happen so don't say it won't happen. I didn't see that trade coming at all with Ford/Redenbach but it worked out in the end, who's to say it won't happen again that the Broncos trade a goaltender for a positional player. You're guess is as good as mine. Who knows, maybe we'll all be wrong and we don't trade Moir at all, that could happen too. It's all talk opinion, your opinion...I respect your opinion, hopefully you'll respect mine. Thanks!!

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    Iconcup re;moir

    my gut feeling will see moir and schenderling traded together to a contender?

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    Gut feeling: The Broncos wont carry 3 20's all year and if they do, there will be one that will be 3/4 liner.

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    Default Williams/Redenbach

    Jeremy williams wasn't a great player until he played with Rednebach either. Go check out the stats. They complimented each other well.
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  6. Default Williams

    Jeremy Williams had a great year with the Marlies and even got called up and scored a goal with the Leafs. Where did Redenbach play?

    As 20 year olds Williams played with the Marlies while Redenbach barely averaged a point a game with Lethbridge.

    Williams had a cannon for a shot. Alex Lentowich could have had 30 assists playing on a line with Williams. Redenbach is like Adam all-star when he played with a goal scorer like Brett Hull, but merely slightly above average on his own.

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    Williams had a canon of a shot in junoir.
    When Williams played vs the tigers alot of his goals, came from one timers rocketed top shelf...and redenbach was the one supplying him with the nice pass.

    Redenbachs stats

    17 yr old 65GP 3g 18 A 21pts.
    18 yr old 60GP 17g 51a 68pts **two teams
    19 yr old 71GP 34g 74a 105 pts
    20 yr old
    swift 42GP 14G 23a 37pts
    leth 23gp 5g 21a 26 pts
    *above 1ppg in 3 of 4 seasons

    jeremy Williams stats
    17yr old 32gp 6 G 7a 13 pts
    18 yr old 72gp 41G 52a 93 pts
    19 yr old 68gp 52G 49a 101 pts

    above 1ppg in 2 of 3 seasons

    At the time of the trade swift was looking at an "up and comer " that showed potential....he wasnt a dub "superstar" yet but he was on the path to be one...he plays best with a "sniper"

    To answer your question willis
    last year redenbach played with the providence bruins
    78GP 26G 32A 58 PTS 42PIM
    pretty good numbers for a first year AHL player

    btw williams only had 36 pts in his first ahl year...but was a year younger
    and.... 56 pts last year in 55 games...also 1 goal for Toronto...which is damn good as well

    ON good teams you have players who make others better redenbach is one of them...he compliments a goal scorer very well

    Damn i cant beilieve i just stood up for a bronco...must be the 4 in the morning and half cut...hopefully this made sense

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