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Thread: "Why I didn't say anything?"

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    Default "Why I didn't say anything?"

    What a great book bought it yesterday and finished it today. Spend the 30 dollars and take the time to read it. Best book I have read ever!!!
    Congrates to Sheldon way to fight through this.
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    Default Fyi

    Sheldon will be doing a book signing this friday at 6 at the wheatland mall.

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    Default Why I didn't say anything

    Great book worth the $32.00

    I wonder how the bronco organization didn't know something was going on.

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    Default It's not easy to spot

    I had the assistant captain living with me and Sheldon and him were always together. Sheldon was at my house several times and never let on anything was going on. We just thought that his drinking was do to being a kid away from home and having fun. He never once said a word all the times he was at my home. The assistant captain never even knew. He took Sheldon under his wing and tried to guide him a little so his career would stay on path. Sheldon always had a smile on and was always joking around. He acted quite level headed except for the drinks. He was terrified to say a word by the sounds of it.

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