Just reading on the WHL site that the crossover will come into effect this year:

In the WHL Eastern Conference, with the transfer of Swift Current to the East Division, and Kootenay to the Central Division, the playoff format will include a wild card feature for the 2006 07 WHL season. The fifth place team in the East Division will be slotted into either the third or fourth place position in the Central Division if it finishes with more regular season points than either team. Should the wild card apply, the fourth place team in the Central Division will not qualify for the post-season. In the event the top four teams in the Central and East Divisions have more points than the fifth place team in the East Division; the playoff format will remain as the same format used in the 2005 - 06 WHL season.

I'm happy they are bringing this in, I've always agreed with the crossover format, especially in years that are very clearcut with teams that should make the playoffs and those that shouldn't. It could also make for some exciting playoff races if you get to watch two teams from two divisions, trying to catch the team holding the last playoff spot. Of course I will hate this rule though when it knocks my team out.