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Thread: Ben Ondrus

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    Diference between Ondrus and Ulmer in terms of skill is big. Ulmer had alot more skill. He is in the minors because of heart. He was and still is a floater from what I saw here and have heard about him in the minors.

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    Default Benny deserves it.

    Ulmer had a little more skill, but I believe it is his skating that is holding Ulmer back. Ondrus is a grinder, but he is a momentum player he will throw the big hit to give his team a spark. Benny deserves to be in the show he worked his a$$ off for the Broncos and the Marlies and it has continued with the leafs he will be the captain one day in TO. Way to go Benny
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    Ulmer is a lot like a Jason Allison, only with a little less talent, but very comparable in style. And Allison is having a tough time finding work (yes he does have injury probs too)
    I hope that Benny is never the Captain in TO (that would mean he is playing there when he is 37ish)

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    Default allison

    Jason Allison is fat and old. I know he had alot of talent but I don't think there is anyway he'll be able to keep up in the new league. Oh and you know what kenton keith is a bum! If you have a player who has a problem with the coach, stupid off the ice or a tool to everyone (even his teammates) then there is no way they should play. Even if they have way more talent then the one who does get to play. ANYWAYS Atta boy Benny! He deserves it!

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