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Thread: How do we get more people in seats?

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    Default How do we get more people in seats?

    Hey Bronco fans we better come up with a pretty good idea on how to get some people in those empty seats or we can kiss this team good-bye. Losing $150.000-$250.000 every yr it won't take long & we will be watching good old sjhl hockey again in this barn. This expansion thing has pissed me right off 2 yrs & still to expansion. Where life don't make any sense at all. Does the city know something we don't know? Like if we can delay this thing a few yrs we won't have to worry about it, the Broncos will be long gone. Come on folks we have to really question some of the boards decisions hiring Dean over a local guy like Marc. Look at what Marc does around Swift Current & area. I think it is very sad that we did not hire this guy. I guess he is good enough to coach in the NHL but not the SC BRONCOS. This would have been a guy who would have cared about putting people in seats. Do you really think Dean gives a **** about Swifty? I think the time is now that this team starts to panic & get off there asses & yes maybe go door to door & try to sell season tickets, Every other promo they have tried has not worked so its time to go to the people face to face & ask them to buy a season ticket or we know this team in mouse meat.

  2. Default Marketing plan.

    I have a can't miss plan for how to get more people out to the Civic Centre and keep our Broncos. This plan will also generate revenue for the team and financial stability.

    Get ready to applaud my genius....

    The can't miss sure fire way to put butts in the seats

    The Swift Current Indians are again challenging for a league title and are very financially viable to the point where they can pay for eight US imports, do some renos to the ball park (the city doesn't give a dime to Mitchell Field witout taking back a dollar), and use a bus for the year because they win. A Swift Current Indians 50/50 rivals what the Broncos do.

    Just win...everything will fall into place after that. The Swift Current sports fan is a fickle one.


    Before we get all "should've hired Marc" and "Dean doesn't care" Let's give Deano this year. We knew 04-05 was going to suck. With the other teams in the central, and the Broncos losing most of their talent, Swift wouldn't have made the playoffs regardless of who was coaching. All we wanted in 05-06 was to make the playoffs. We did. Let's wait til we fail in our 06-07 goal before we talk **** about Dean. It's not like he doesn't give us a chance to talk to him and let Drunk Gerald criticize him in a full Canadian Room. I would have loved to see Habby in Swift will never happen now, turn the page! Support the team or don't, but quit this Habscheid talk cause it won't help anything but Marc's ego (which he doesn't have anyway).


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    Well Willis i am having a hard time believing that winning will put people in seats...Don't get me wrong it helps, but i remember very well when we had first place teams in the 90's & early 2000 & for our first round of the playoffs we drew 1300 & 1500 fans for a first round matchup against RedDeer. Willis think about it if we would have not played the Hat in the first round how many fans do you think would have been in the CCC ? 1200-1400. All i am saying here is the people of Swift Current better start suporting this team & i mean quick like or its bye bye Broncos. I know you & i support this team & will do anything to support this team, but some of these so called fans that make it to 2-3 games a yr better make a effort to get to 6-7 games a yr at the very least. I think we have some very exciting young players & all i ask the fans of swifty is to get out & support this great product we have on the ice. Is there a better way to spend a evening then watching your next NHL superstar. This is one kid who will support this team & keep riding the bus on those road trips & cheering my lungs out. GO BRONCOS GO

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    1st win. because without it, nothing else i'm about to type will matter. 2nd reinvest in the business. unfortunately this involves the city. there are four important areas to this reinvestment. a - the ccc. improved luxury boxes, concessions, seating, capacity etc. all have to be addressed with a reno or new building. b - dedicated training facilities. this will be an important tool in recruiting and maintaining a winning team. c - keeping up with commitments to a growing education and scholarship program. d - travel. as the league continues to expand, and it will, this is going to become a greater issue.

    there is an unease among whl gm's and governors the divide between the have and have not's in the league is growing. the expansion back into edmonton will only exacerbate the situation further. as bigger and bigger dollars are drawn into the league the ability to compete and win has to be addressed for the long term.

    how much private money the broncos are able to generate could well become the deciding factor for this team to remain in swift current long term. the city currently does not seem to have the will, and do the taxpayers as a whole (not just bronco fans) have the stomach to pony up. the challenge is immense.

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    Default Wake up city and GM/Board of governors

    The problem the last few years is that there hasn't been a superstar player to watch in Swift. Who was the last amazing forward that would go end to end and wow the fans??????? Or be projected to go in the first round (beside nathan 'bust' Smith). We havn't had one. in a loooong time. It comes down to the city to put money into the ccc add a better training facility and bring back some tradition to the Hockey community of Swift. A city of 16,000 people I am sure there are 2000 hockey fans to attend 36 games a damn year the city/team have to go out and find them cause obviously they can't find the ccc. Effort and long hours are needed cause I give the team 3 years before it is gone.
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    Do you people honestly think Mark applied when Dean did? Give your heads a shake! He wanted NHL not the Broncos. They offered him the job and he turned them down. To little, to late.
    As for the Broncos leaving, well I hate to say it but its inevitable. Plain and simple the WHL is getting to big and to costly for a city the size of Swift. Sorry folks but I think deep down everybody knows it will happen. I hate it but that's life. I'll enjoy it while it's here.

    Remember the past, live for the present, look to the future.

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    Default Not a Bronco fan but a Bronco supporter...

    if that makes sense. Anyway I would hate to see the Broncos leave. The league just wouldn't be the same. I think one idea is that ownership might have to bite the bullet and offer cheap season tickets for a couple of years to get the people back in the arena. The Tigers did this and obviously it worked. Our prices are up to 425.00 this year and we still have 3800 season tickets sold, and a waiting list of 3000. Brandon is also doing this this season. Nothing appeals to people like saving money out of their wallets, and once they start going to games again the get hooked and are willing to pay the price once it goes up. Just a thought!

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    Default Habscheid

    Marc did apply for the Bronco coaching job not once but twice. The first time was when Todd left and they hired from within and promoted McEWAN which was a total disaster. Marc was told he didn't have enough experiance for this level. He went on to mould Kelowna not only into a power house but also to the Memorial Cup with a team whose top scorer had 49 points. The second time was when McEwan and company were fired. Marc again applied but was to expensive for our team to pay. I talked to Marc and he said all he had left to accomplish in this league was to coach his hometown team. He would have even taken a pay cut to do this. He had done everything there was to do in this league but this was still his dream. He was again rejected so he went on to Team Canada. The job was never offered to him and turned down. He would have jumped at the opportunity to coach and live at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatFan
    I think one idea is that ownership might have to bite the bullet and offer cheap season tickets for a couple of years to get the people back in the arena. The Tigers did this and obviously it worked.
    Might be a somewhat different situation in Swift. With the Tigers, I think that ending a streak that saw them miss the playoffs for 9 consecutive seasons, and capping it with 4 or 5 seasons of having a strong team with very entertaining players probably went a lot further to increase their ticket sales than the aggressive pricing.

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