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Thread: Goaltending Wars

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    Default Not sure ?

    Not sure if he will get a contract offer, with all the recent arbritation raises coming and teams now seeming to want to sign free agents in their system will there be room under the caps even though the caps are larger to sign someone like slade ? Also understand even if signed and they don,t make the NHL team they once again come back to junior rather then AHL like the old days. Why sign , u can wait and then see how he does do in junior and sign him before the deadline next year if he does what you expect as an owner.

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    rinkrat Guest


    I would take Moir on my team any day.He's a great goalie,he almost single handedly beat the Giants last year when he stopped 47 out of 51 shots.
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    Drunk Gerald Guest

    Default Hey Rat

    Moir should be traded. Either that or trade Yonkman, depends what the team's goals are. Trade Yonkman and make Curtis next year's starter as a 17, or trade Moir. An 18 year old Yonkman may surprise but will he win us a division? Steal a round in the playoffs? We need to trade a goalie, why assume Moir?
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