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Thread: 1st Ice Breaker game score

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    Default 1st Ice Breaker game score

    prince george cougars 4 - regina pats 1 final.

    no summary.

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    a bit of info about today's game from a buddy up in toon town: Teubert scored our lone goal while Niezsner and Bosch shared the goaltending duties

    ...also, besides those off at NHL camps, a few vets sat out of today's action however they should get some icetime for the next two games

    Best of luck to the boys in the remaining matchups

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    Any info on who scored for the Cougars? Any fights? Please peole.....I need some info!!
    I understand this is a rebuilding year, but come on boys!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sput
    Any info on who scored for the Cougars? Any fights? Please peole.....I need some info!!
    My thoughts about the Cougars... I was at the game. I can't remember one of the goal scorers. Prab Rai had 2 goals and Lance Redden scored into an empty net. Scott Bowles played the whole game and actually looked pretty shaky (only let one in tho), looks like he has zero confidence in goal. The Pats hit 4 goal posts. I am not going to give the Cougars that much credit because the Pats were playing with a bunch of guys out of the lineup and the Pats carried the play. I don't know the final power play stats but I'm sure that each side had at least 10+ PP's.

    In the middle frame Michael Iorio (#17) was cutting across centre and Pats Finnish forward Niko Snellman LEVELED him with a clean hit that actually blasted Iorio's visor off of his helmet (best hit I have seen in many years). I give the dude credit... He got up. A bit later Iorio is back on the ice and decides to take a run at Pats forward Garrett Festerling to rough him up. Derek Reinhart takes exception and pounds on Iorio until the linesmen break it up. Reinhart gets 5 for fighting and Iorio gets 2 for rough (I think). That was the only "scrap."

    Cougars lineup:
    1 Scott Bowles
    30 Real Cyr
    35 Jordan White (scratch)

    2 Chris Vanduynhoven
    3 Curtis Cooper (scratch)
    6 Lance Redden
    8 Kirk Meaver
    9 Kalvin Sagert
    10 Scott Day
    11 Dan Gendur
    12 Randall Groot
    14 Matt Wray
    16 Jared Walker
    17 Micahel Iorio
    19 Dana Tyrell
    20 Dale Hunt
    21 Greg Gardner
    22 Patrick Vrana
    23 Steven Kajic
    24 Curtis Patterson
    25 Brett Robertson
    27 Trevor Bauer
    28 Ryan Kowalski (scratch)
    29 Prab Rai

    Both teams had trouble controlling the puck. It seemed like that they would go on a break and just give the puck up. I don't know if the ice was bad or what but there were alot of turnovers.

    I was watching the Pats side of things most of the time but that's what I noticed from the Cougars.

    Cougars best players... imo... Offensively Prab Rai. In a checking role Greg Gardner, very good penalty killer with good speed (until he blocked the shot just above his knee... ouch... but he did return).

    I will get to Pats thoughts later...

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    The other goal scorer for P.G. was Jared Walker.

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