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Thread: Barry & Marc

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    Unhappy Barry & Marc

    can anyone tell me how they're doing? I miss Barry and Marc! I never got the chance to get Desloges' John Hancock... sadness... I got Barry's right before he left! Miss 'em both... wish we had 'em back!! ~*sniff*~

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    Default Barry and Marc

    Barry and Marc are both doing great and fitting in well. When they first arrived they were a little lost but Silvertips Cody Thoring's dad took them under his wing until they adjusted. They seem to have both fit in perfect and are both now alternate captains. Barry was out for a while with an injury but returned last night. Great grinders and have alot of team spirit. Are now part of our community.


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    Default Thank you much!

    it is really great to hear that they are both doing great! it is also great to hear that Cody's dad kinda took 'em in... thanks again!
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