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    Lightbulb Soap Box

    Well, it seems we have all been left grasping at straws as to what has put the PG Cougars into this indelible slump. Injuries? A gruelling travel schedule? Fatigue? Low moral? Not enough practice time? Or heaven forbid, they just don't care? It couldn't be that, or could it?

    Here are a group of young men who, for the most part, have lived and breathed hockey for their entire lives. Many have been on skates since they could walk. Like millions of people in this country, they watched a team hoist the glorious Stanley Cup each year and were overcome with a sense of joy and awe (even if it wasn't your team) and the thought, "I would love to be able to do that some day". For most of us it is only a dream, but there are the determined few who decided to strive to make it a reality.

    You don't land in the WHL without a whole lot of prior work and sacrifice. So why would you choose to stop working now, only one step away from your dream?

    This leaves me to ask the seemingly preposterous question - Are there some players on this team that just don't care?

    Answer: Possibly

    Then what needs to be done to motivate these players?

    It was suggested a motivational speaker, or may I suggest a figuative "good swift kick in the arse"? (Hello, you are playing in the WHL)

    To the players on the team who continue to try their best despite the demoralizing losses - I say, YOU have the character to turn your dreams into reality.
    Don't ever give up! applause
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    Thumbs up Exactly!

    Well said TwoBits! There is no room for passengers on any WHL team. There is always someone who is ready, willing, and able to take your place should you decide not to show up. It's time to fish or cut bait with some players on the COUGAR team. Play, or go home.

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