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Thread: Get off the Refs

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    It knew that it was before the interference call. I was wondering if it was because Coach said something of one of the players did it. McLean did a fair job as ref last night. He called mostly all that he needed to. Like I said earlier it would be nice if people would know who to say sucks. I bet the ref was laughing on the inside about people saying "Ref you suck!" when the linesman made the call. I was also glad he caught the Kooteny kicked in goal.
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    Default forgot that

    Yeah, I forgot all about that....that was a major point in the game..and a great catch by McLean. No one from the Ice even they knew. Not even a token objection. As fast as that happened, though, it could have easily been missed. That alone should make up for any perceived "mistakes" the Evt fans think he made.
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