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Thread: Who is ready for the season to start

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    Default Who is ready for the season to start

    September 24th can't come soon enough.

    Anyone going to any preseason games?
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    Hi there. Johnny here from the UK--a keen fan of the Euro prospects.
    I noticed that you have a pair of Czechs on the team.
    Could you give me a little info on them please?
    I was a little underwehlmed by the numbers Marek Kalus put up (although I gather the WHL can be tough on first year guys)-so could you shed some light on his style, skills etc...

    All the very best
    UPDATED 22:41 UK time:
    Just visited your website from the link above. What a great site my friend. Love the "Live game ticker"
    Could you put up perhaps a "player by player" guide?
    Great job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gochiefsgoblog View Post
    September 24th can't come soon enough.

    Anyone going to any preseason games?
    Amen these last 2 and a half weeks are gonna go by so slowly! Welcome to the site, I hope you'll keep on stopping by. There's a couple Chiefs fans who still check in on this site occasionally so maybe we can get this forum rolling.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to any of the preseason games, I am considering going down to Kennewick on the 24th though. All depends on my schedule. I'll definitely be at the home opener.

    I wasn't in Everett so I obviously don't know how the games unfolded, but I do like the amount of goals the Chiefs were putting in the net. Doesn't look like that will be a problem. The defense kind of concerns me, hopefully the young guys will have a quick learning curve and get up to speed quickly. I'm looking forward to watching guys like Hamblin, Gow and King develop this season. It's gonna be another fun year for sure!

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