After returning from a 2-5 road trip, mostly from the Eastern division. The team gave up more than 4 goals a game on average.

The deals come down interesting. Buonassis and a conditional 6th rounder for Campbell Elyniuk, Reid Jackson and a 5th rounder.

Buonassis had a good preseason but really has not put it togeather like it looked like he would. He is a 19 year old, as is Elyniuk. Jackson is an 18 year old.

I sense from this a couple of things.

One, Forsberg will be out longer than expected, thus the need for another dman.

Second the team needed some size to protect the young players who have been doing all the work to score. Asuchak does not play to his frame, and the team has played small.

Another question that will soon be answered is whether or not Connolly is coming back. He plays his 9th game next week. His ice time has been going down a bit, and he only has 1 assist. For the 13 minutes a game he is playing he is better off coming back down and playin 25 minutes a game and dominating. If he comes back after 9 games, look for it to be the Giants series.

Many suggested this was supposed to be the year for the Cougars. Not so sure anymore. The kids....Forsberg Jr, Tkatch and even Mighty Mouse Mykitiuk have been putting out constantly. They need some one there who has their back, and they have not had that.