Well now that the season is finally over, the team can look ahead to next year. I think the team is going to be young again but should be improved.



No reason not to think they'll be the two goaltenders next year. Don't need to rush Luding or Grybowski who will be 16 and can play on a regular basis n Midget or play in Jr. A.


Martin (19)
Reid (17)
Higson (17)
Kustra (16)
Dwyer (18)
Stewart (17)

No offense to Dixon and Schacher but they got their ages working against them. Both will be 20 and can be upgraded.

Won't be surprised if they go for another Import D-man. With the 2nd overall pick, they better not screw it up. Another Jyri Niemi would be nice.

Room for a good 20 year old addition.


Graham (19)
J. Uhrich (19)
Hebig (18)
McCarty (18)
Sloboshan (18)
Soshnin (18)
Gingras (17)
B. Hagel (17) If he comes, could be a good one, among top scorers in AMHL
J. Patterson (16)
L. MacKenzie (16)
C. Hausinger (16) - Didn't get invite to UNTP, considering WHL
J. Robinson (16) - Could be going the college route.
B. Dunn (17) - Came in the Forsberg deal. See how he does.

Armour and Braid may have to fight off rookies to keep their spots, especially if Robinson and Hausinger sign.

Guess it's possible they add another import forward if there's no d-men that they like. Another Russian to go along with Soshnin would be nice.

Overagers - Blades need to upgrade their 20 yr olds up front. Not a huge fan of Zajac and for a team that struggled to score goals this year, I don't see Zajac's 11 goals cutting it. They got a steal when they got McKechnie from Seattle. If they can pull off two trades like that, that'd be awesome.