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    I see that a lot of the other teams in the WHL are signing their Bantam picks .Is there a problem why the Blades are having trouble in signing theirs??? I think the Blades can hype up all these players that they have picked , but if they don't sign these picks mean nothing and rebuilding will continue for a longer than management would want.

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    It can definitely be a bit of a crap shoot when drafting bantam ages players... You can opt for the sure things on the depth charts who are not likely to go the NCAA route, or take a higher ranked player falling down the depth charts fast because of their open desire to play college hockey and hope to sway them to the WHL. As soon as an NCAA eligible player signs a contract or even steps foot on the ice for an exhibition game in the CHL, they forfeit their eligibility. So more and more players are thinking long and hard about it before committing. Bob Woods is still trying to clean up the mess Lorne Molleken left behind with trying to load up for Memorial Cup runs. This was the first year we've even had a first round pick since 2010, even with having won the last two draft lotteries...

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    I know a labeled this thread first round picks but I guess what I was trying to say we haven't signed really anyone except Patterson in the last two drafts and , how many players have been drafted?I see others teams signing players and we are not .To me it's a little of a concern , Mabey more when training camps starts and players still haven't committed.

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    Nice to see today some draft picks signing.😀

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uknownothing View Post
    Nice to see today some draft picks signing.😀

    There were no signings. Just a few of the prospects in Saskatoon to visit the city and etc.

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    My bad, Blades kinda made it look like it , I guess the little introduction and picture taking with them was smoke and mirrors and my be a bit premature . Blades need to start getting some committments or last years revolving door may happen in the up coming season.

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