After being out on the East coast the last 8 years watching the Q, I returned back out West the end of 2015. Not being up to par on happenings in the Dub it was hard to get my head around the players, teams and the league in general. Hopefully this year i will have a better idea. It's funny I have been on the majority of sites and not sure where all our posters went. They are certainly not on the White board unless they are using different names.

This board was at one time a board for good information without the cheap shots at true WHL fans where you could post and not fear being ridiculed for your post. I know for a fact many of the WHL media guys and gals leaked information on our site under fictitious names that were factual and put on this site before any of the other sites. I know this for a fact as I would get a text from a few of them. Media and play by play personal are a great source of inside information and as long as their posts are respected and remain anonymous they will continue giving little inside news of upcoming happenings.

This site may have slowed but by no means is dead. I for one will start posting information again starting in the new season and hopefully some of the old posters will start posting about their teams. Trust me after 8 years of QMJHL hockey there is no better league that the W.H.L.