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    I agree with everything you said Reider. Nothing against the two goalies, Paddock is very young and inexperienced and may be a great 19 or 20 year old goalie. You just can't go into a Memorial Cup THAT YOU ARE HOSTING AND THEREFORE KNOW A YEAR IN ADVANCE with average/weak goaltending. It was an issue last year and they just rearranged the chairs on the Titantic. They failed at going out and getting a first rate goaltender. Hurt them in playoffs and will likely be there downfall in the Memorial Cup as we have already seen in the games so far.

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    Hamilton Bulldogs 2
    Regina Pats 4 (empty net goal)

    What an incredible team effort and team win this game was. Max was solid in net, the defense was pretty much lights out and the forwards were able to capitalize on a few of the many chances that they had. Hamilton scored on a shot from the point and then Will Bitten scored on a breakaway when the Pats' defense was caught changing. Austin Pratt scored his first goal as a Regina Pat. Emil Oksanen had a goal disallowed, when the officials said he kicked the puck into the net (which he arguably did). WHL players could do that all year long, but now that it's the Memorial Cup and it's apparently not a rule in the OHL and QMJHL, apparently it's not allowed in the Memorial Cup. Sam Steel chipped a tooth at one point in the game, then later selflessly passed the puck up to Jake Leschyshyn for the empty net goal after doing all of the heavy lifting. This is the first time that the Pats have been in the Memorial Cup final in my lifetime, so my excitement level is through the roof for the game on Sunday. Acadie-Bathurst is the only team that has beaten the Pats in the Memorial Cup tournament, so the Pats will definitely need to play their absolute best game in order to win the Memorial Cup.

    Edit: I have a few other thoughts to add, now that it's a day later.

    - I liked Hebig's goal. He was set up nicely from Mahura high in the slot. Thinking about it, Hebig had a few other great chances last night that he was unable to bury. Hopefully the Pats can capitalize on more of their prime scoring chances next game.
    - Looking back at the empty net goal again. Steel feathered it (backhand) towards the empty net, not unlike a curler may throw a rock softly. If he would have put even a bit more weight on it, it would have went straight into the net. He feathered it perfectly so that Jake Leschyshyn could tap it in from the top of the crease. Of course, I'm happy that Jake scored and the Pats won. The person I was watching the game with suggested that Sam wouldn't miss the empty net if he had a chance to shoot it in and I countered that with, no Sam will probably pass the puck and set someone up before shooting it in the net and that's what happened. He's a team first guy and that's partially why the Pats are where they are right now.
    - I was not too happy when Lliam Schioler cross checked that Bulldog player in the mouth and took a 4 minute double minor. I immediately expected the worst (that the Bulldogs would score a goal or two), but then the Pats' defense shut them down and killed off all 4 minutes and that's when it became apparent to me that the Pats were really on their game defensively.
    - I did not expect the Pats to make it to the Final (with two 20 year olds, no Austin Wagner, a 17 year old rookie goaltender etc..), even though I knew that they were every bit as good as Swift Current. I had no idea how good the Bulldogs or Titan would be heading into the tournament. But I knew that they would be tough as an OHL team has dominated the tournament over the last few years. I figured that the Pats would possibly be able to win one game as they'd be well rested and Swift Current had a long playoff run. I still can't believe that the Pats are in the final and I hope they can find a way to win the tournament.
    - Speaking of Max Paddock, he's been really good for the Pats when they keep the garbage away from around the net. The Pats got into a lot of trouble in this regard in their last game against the Titan in addition to both goaltenders each giving up at least one weak goal. If the Pats can get solid goaltending again and the other players can keep the garbage away from around the net, the Pats might have a chance to win. The Titan are a fast skating, high pressure attack team, so that's another element that the Pats will need to figure out if they want to win. Regardless of how one looks at it, the Pats will need their absolute best performance of the year to beat the Titan.
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    The day is here....the clock is running slowly now. I was this excited last year in the final, but this one game winner take all has me on pins and needles. Both goalies have had moments of weakness in this tourney. My prediction is whichever goalie plays best takes the title. I am going to post something longer tomorrow, but I want to say a big THANK YOU to Pats ownership. This week has been fantastic, worth every penny. Things have changed in Regina since they have taken over.

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    Regina Pats 0
    Acadie-Bathurst Titan 3 (empty net goal) - 2018 Memorial Cup Champions

    In 2001 we watched the Red Deer Rebels win the Memorial Cup on home ice. Last year we watched the Seattle Thunderbirds win the WHL Championship on home ice and of course tonight we watched the Acadie-Bathurst Titan win the Memorial Cup on home ice. In 2001, perhaps one could make the argument that goaltending couldn't quite keep them in it, but I don't think that same argument can be made this year (or last year for that matter). Max Paddock was outstanding in goal for the Pats tonight. The Titan scored their first goal through the five hole, but I think he was at least partially screened by a couple of Pats players. Max made big save after big save throughout the game and kept the Pats in it for a very long time. The score was 1-0 for most of the game. Acadie-Bathurst skated hard and really took it to the Pats. The Pats looked pretty flat (tired?) for the first half of the game and Acadie-Bathurst were anticipating and broke up some of the Pats' cross ice passes. The Pats had a few good shifts later in the second period as well as in the third period, but they couldn't score any goals. It's difficult to win hockey games, let alone Championships, without scoring any goals. Both teams hit posts.

    Before the game, I still had a difficult time believing that the Pats had made it to the Memorial Cup final for the first time in my lifetime. I"m really glad that they made it as far as they did. It's too bad that the Pats couldn't win the last game of the season, but to finish second in the tournament is still impressive considering they were only playing with two 20 year old's and had to beat out two league Champions in order to make it to the final. I know I say it all of the time and it probably seems like I"m beating a dead horse here, but the Pats really could have used Austin Wagner's wheels this year, especially tonight against a fast Acadie-Bathurst team. Not getting him back was a huge loss.

    Either way, the last couple of years have been a lot of fun. It's been a good ride. Fans have been treated to a lot of good hockey. It's just unfortunate that with all of the talent that they've had over the last couple of years that they were unable to win a Championship and it may be many years or decades until they get another opportunity.

    Let the rebuild begin.

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