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Thread: 2021 Season Discussion

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    If I've done my math right and assuming Seattle and Tri-Cities each are able to play their last 3 games on the schedule, both of these teams need to get 2 points out of their remaining 3 games to stay ahead of Moose Jaw in the standings. They play each other tonight so at least one of them have to accomplish this - lets hope for an overtime game tonight and then whichever team loses hopefully can get the additional point(s) needed in one of their last two games so that both of them finish ahead of Moose Jaw.

    The only way Victoria doesn't finish last is if they were to win all their remaining three games.

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    Victoria avoided the last place finish last night with a win but they still need to defeat Vancouver and Kelowna which realistically should not happen. Then we pick first other than the uncertainty of the correct ping pong ball coming out of the draft lottery. I guess the chances of McCartney coming back as an OA are fading as he got a goal and an assist in his first game in the AHL with Arizona’s farm team in Tucson. Barring a trade that would leave us Kruger,Nychuck, and Salame as OA next year. Not too bad as we will need the help on defence as 3 19’s are gone. Looks like we will pick 1,4, and 19 i

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