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Thread: Ice open exibition season opener with a win

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    Default Ice open exibition season opener with a win

    The Tigers played well but just couldnt get it done against the Ice tonight with the ice winning 2 to 1. The Ice far out chanced the the Tigers tonight with quality chances as well. could have been 5 to 1 easy.
    The tigers did however take the shoot out by a score of 2 to 1.

    This years team looks to have some potent offence again with a few guys that have excellent hands and skating abillity.

    Pugh and Lazaruk both looked good in net for the Ice. 16 year old Trent Fussi scored a beauty of a goal with Devin Welsh chipping the other home for the Boys in white.
    I like the looks of some of these guys here this year, Curilla looks great to me definetly a keeper, Fussi is not out of place for a 16 year old at all. Little #19 Andrew Bailey is looking great for a smaller 16 year old as well, hes not scared to get right in there with the big guys.

    There were no fights in the game, some minor pushing and shoving is all.

    I really like Negrin, Panchyson, MacDonald. The vets were good too of course. I think we should keep Price as a 20 year old on the blue line, he played well tonight hes a solid stay at home d-man that we can use for the experience.

    Im not a fan of the shootouts at all, i beleive when two teams skate to a tie after O/T they deserve to be tied in the end, there does not have to be a winner all the time. Also not a fan of the Goalie not being able to freeze the puck when he has it. We got a penalty for it tonight but to top it off there was 3 tigers standing within 6 feet of the net. So why cant he freeze it!!!?? thats stupid!

    All in all i think were going to be good this year again with the new faces and returnees. Yet another prommising year for the Ice!

    GO ICE GO!!!
    Cranbrook's own, Kootenay ICE 1998 to 2012, 2011 WHL CHAMPIONS!!!

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    Default Was...

    Sylvester playing tonight for the Ice? How did he do if he was? Thanks

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    The Tigers couldn't buy a win against the ice for some reason.

    I agree with you about the goalies not being able to freeze the puck. I hate that rule.

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