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Thread: flu status?

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    Default flu status?

    I thought a bunch of the Blades players had the flu. What is the current status of this?

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    Devin Setoguchi, Aaron Bader, and Joel Eisenkirch are all battling the flu right now. Setoguchi and Bader both played (and well) last night and Eisenkirch is now listed as day-to-day with his neck injury.

    Anytime the flu bug is going through a team it is not good, especially when they are all together riding the bus on an extended road trip. They're facing some pretty tough tests and hopefully they can get through it without too many others falling victim.

    I wonder if WHL players bother getting the flu shot... !

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    Default Blades have a tough road ahead here

    The Blades have 3 games coming up this weekend vs some very good Central teams in Red Deer, Koot and Leth. The Canes are going to be even more offensive now with Redenbach, the Rebels are always tough at home and Kootaney is at the top or near the top in the division right now. The Blades then return home for 18 hours before heading to Brandon without Rabbit and Setoguchi who will be the prospects game on Wednesday which will make that tough. If they can somehow go 2-2 in their next 4 games, that would be great!

    i thought last night the defense looked very slow and not very mobile at all. Looked like the flu may have had an effect on a few others on the team that wasn't stated. keller looked invisible and Rabbit looked mediocre! I thought Setoguchi and Barnes looked very good and Bader was sure driving the net well the way he needs too.

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