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    Well i had heard so much of how big the Cougars are and wow your right. When i first walked in for warm up i thought i had figured out where the old Vancouver Grizzlies went then i saw they had skates on. Prince George has a good club. Big and physical. The first 10 minutes they took it to the Bronco's. Once again 18 year-old netminder Kyle Moir kept us in. Once the intimidation wore off of the size difference the Bronco's played the always in your face type game and would not back down. I realize the Cougs are on a road swing and were tired. As the game went on the Bronco's seemed to get more energy and the Cougs started to slow down. Sure we hit them and we bounced off but the energy was there.

    The Bronco's are starting to gel under coach Chynoweth. They stuck to their game plan of go go go and no floating. What the Cougs out did us in size we out did them in heart. I'm really starting to enjoy watching them play. The downsize to the Cougs i thought was mobility. They could not stay up with us. Maybe it was fatigue. Don't know. No fights, no pretty goals, and no stupidness by either team.

    The chuckle of the game? Matt Trojovsky. Old Matty, who is quite the card, was sitting in the stands serving a suspension. At every home game the announcer from the local radio station walks around with a cordless mic in the stands and gives out prizes. This particular prize was the use of a cell phone to call anywhere in Canada for 10 minutes free. The announcer picks Matty. When he asks Matt who he would like to call anywhere in Canada and talk to, Matty's reply " I would like to call Bronco coach Dean Chynoweth who is at home here in Swift Current also serving a suspension" So he called Dean right here in town and visited.
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